Jewish group condemns United Church of Christ resolution on Israel, Palestinians

"The American Jewish Committee denounced the UCC resolution, a 'Declaration for a Just Peace Between Palestine and Israel,' saying the measure 'demonizes Israel, fails to offer a credible path to Israeli-Palestinian peace, and undermines advances in Christian-Jewish relations.'" - RNS

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Black Lives Matter calls for Palestinian liberation, stands in ‘solidarity’ amid Hamas attacks

"Black Lives Matter expressed its 'solidarity' for Palestinians, advocating for 'ending settler colonialism' and Palestinian liberation in a tweet that implicitly undercut Israel after days of attacks in the region." - C.Post

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Prager: Criticism of Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism; Anti-Zionism Is

"Imagine a group of people who work to destroy Italy because, they claim, Italy's origins are illegitimate. Imagine further that these people maintain that of all the countries in the world, only Italy is illegitimate. And then imagine that these people vigorously deny they are in any way anti-Italian. Would you believe them?" - Daily Wire

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Young evangelicals souring on Israel because of 'social justice,' media deception

"[M]illennial evangelicals are increasingly distancing themselves from modern Israel, [Gerald McDermott, Anglican Chair of Divinity at Beeson Divinity School] said, in part because they want to distance themselves from their parents, who tend to support Israel enthusiastically."  - Christian Post

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United Church of Christ votes to divest from Israeli companies in occupied territories

“The nearly 1 million-member United Church of Christ voted overwhelmingly Tuesday (June 30) to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli occupation and to boycott products of Israeli companies based in the West Bank” RNS

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