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The Church's Lane is the Whole Cosmos

"The Roman world needed Christians to take in abandoned children and oppose the gladiatorial games, precisely because the pressure was enormous to do exactly the opposite. When we engage with culturally acceptable causes but 'stay in our lane' on unpopular ones, we fail the tests of courage and integrity." - Breakpoint

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Gallup: Americans' Confidence in Major U.S. Institutions Dips

"Currently, an average 33% of U.S. adults express 'a great deal' or 'quite a lot' of confidence in 14 institutions, marking a three-percentage-point dip since 2020 and a return to the level seen in 2018 and 2019." - Gallup

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'The time is now': Ben Watson, Human Coalition on a mission to make abortion 'unthinkable'

“We have to start educating the culture of why abortion should be unthinkable in the same way slavery is unthinkable. We have to move the culture to think that way as well,” he said. “Laws follow culture; we have abortion because half of the culture thinks we should have laws that allow abortion.” - C.Post

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