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I'm Confused

I’ve been following the news for many years, and I’m trying to figure out the correct position on several matters. However, the more I read, the more confused I get. Let me tell you where I’m struggling and perhaps you can help me out.

Dress codes are bad.

Hardly a week goes by without a story about some student who was sent home because her clothing was in violation of school policy. Howls of indignation can be heard across the land! Most of these incidents take place in public high schools, though from time to time, a private school shows up as well.

In every story, the reporter is outraged that someone in authority would have the gall to tell anyone else how they ought to dress. This is America, where everyone should be allowed to determine for herself what is appropriate, and nobody has any business passing judgment. Whether the outfit seems provocative or offensive to others is irrelevant. Clothing styles, we are told, are extensions of individual personality and must be defended as freedom of expression. To force somebody else’s concept of appropriate attire upon another comes dangerously close to violating the constitutionally protected right to free speech. Dress codes are bad, very bad, and should be abolished immediately in any self-respecting free society.

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Phony Virtue is Ruining Western Society

"Over the past 300 years, Western culture has overthrown its traditional understanding of virtue and replaced it with an ersatz morality. This revolution has allowed personally vile people to claim the loftiest moral standing while, in their daily lives, freely treating those around them with gross disrespect and abuse." American Conservative

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Doctor Explains Why It’s Not Prudish to Encourage Modesty

Many recent incidents suggest "that anyone who hints that modest dress is appropriate and helpful for females is irrational, out of touch, and completely unaware of a woman’s mindset and needs. But according to one doctor, such an opinion is opposed to reality." Annie Holmquist

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Prayer Shaming and the Church Shooting

"Their faith, while not in prayer, is in something else. Namely, that all human problems and challenges, such as climate change, gun violence, and even terrorism, are problems that can be solved if only we apply the right techniques, which these days are almost always political steps" CPost

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