Albert Mohler

Interview with Albert Mohler on the State of Complementarianism

"An affirmation of biblical truth, which would include the affirmation of complementarianism, has to be rooted in a joyful biblical theology that is grounded in God’s purpose in creating human beings in His image, His purpose in making us male and female, instituting marriage, and the gift of sexuality." - CBMW

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Mohler: 'I will accept nomination' as SBC president

"I am honored by the announcement by Pastor H. B. Charles, and I will accept nomination as president of the Southern Baptist Convention in June... All my life, I have sought to serve whenever asked by my denomination, and I would hope, if elected, to serve in a way that would unite Southern Baptists, strengthen our work together, add energy to our evangelism, and keep our hearts set on taking the [G]ospel to the nations." - BPNews

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Albert Mohler responds to the NYTimes "The Secret History of Leviticus"

Albert Mohler's Charge for Graduates

“Whoever Would Save His Life Will Lose It” — A Charge for Graduates

A special note: This graduating class includes Christopher Albert Mohler, the first son or daughter of a president of Southern Seminary to graduate from this institution. Mary and I are very proud, and for the first time in our many years here, we gladly stand as parents of a graduate. Congratulations, Christopher.

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