Adam and Eve

Michael Pahl leaves Cedarville: Does it matter 'why' Christian professors agree with their colleges' doctrine?

“I hold to a historical Adam and Eve, though not on exegetical grounds,” Pahl wrote in his defense to trustees, which CT obtained. “My reasons are more theological in nature….”  

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"...this mindset is a problem: It assumes that the Adam and Eve story is about 'human origins.'"

Evangelicals look to the Bible to settle important questions of faith. So, faced with a potentially faith-crushing idea like evolution, evangelicals naturally ask right off the bat, “What does the Bible say about that?” And then informed by “what the Bible says,” they are ready to make a “biblical” judgment.

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John Schneider: "Evolution makes it pretty clear that in nature, and in the moral experience of human beings, there never was any such paradise to be lost"

Calvin College explains exit of professor with controversial view of Adam and Eve

Calvin College: “Schneider chose to request retirement on terms that reflected his love and respect for the college, the faculty, and the students, and his desire that his scholarship not cause harm or distraction”

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