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Why Churches Go Woke: They Deny the Sufficiency of Scripture

"However, it is increasingly rare to find in the aforementioned issues of race-relations, LGTBQ+ narratives of identity, gender roles, etc., that the various systems of thought in place are under the domain of darkness. What I mean by that is the simple truth the apostle John expresses so clearly when he speaks to a present love of this world being incompatible with genuine faith (1 Jn. 2)." - Grayson Gilbert

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When Paul says that the fruit of the Spirit is goodness what does he mean?

"Think about the goodness of God that saved us. It was the kindness of God extended to undeserving sinners in their time of greatest need. With that as a model perhaps the fruit of goodness is just that. It is kindness. But more than kindness it is kindness extended to even our enemies." - Ref21

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Are We Scaring Our Kids into Leaving the Faith?

"We often teach our youth that the ‘outside world’ is full of reprobate, evil monsters, and that the moment you graduate from Christian school and step onto a college campus or into a workplace, you’re going to be attacked from all sides--persecuted, mocked and ostracized." - Pursuing the Pursuer

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