Matthew 24:22

How Is the Great Tribulation Shortened?

How is the Great Tribulation Shortened? The GT is said to last 42 months, 1260 days or time, times and half a time. The perspective below is premillennial and futuristic.

Encountering a New Rapture View

When I first encountered the prewrath rapture view (PW), what struck me was its claim that the “Great Tribulation” would last less than 3.5 years. This was the initial reason why I didn’t buy into the system. The phrase “after the tribulation has been cut short” is pivotal. Other tenets hinge on this unique interpretation of Matt 24:22.

Neither Rosenthal nor Van Kampen really defended this concept. Coverts simply took it on board. But is this interpretation of Matt 24:22 valid? Proponents affirm it must be so because everything else allegedly ties in, “comparing Scripture with Scripture.”

Church gone: Israel in “protective custody”

At some point I came across Charles Cooper’s “The Meaning and Significance of Koloboo in Matthew 24:22” in a 1997 Parousia Magazine article. I cannot currently find it online, although I have a copy. Cooper threw out a number of suggestions in defense, perhaps the oddest being that God can change His mind. In another article he wrote,

The Word of God teaches that Satan/Antichrist’s persecution will be cut short in Matthew 24:22. How? By removing the object of the evil one’s persecution—the Church—to heaven and putting the remnant of Israel in protective custody.

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