“...‘essential service’ is less about whether or not you are important and more about whether or not your NOT gathering in physical proximity would do more harm than good”

"Secondly, this is a Romans 13 situation and not an Acts 5:39 situation. In Acts 5:39 the government was attempting to stop the spread of the gospel. In such an instance you must go against the government. But consider a few things about Romans 13:1-7" - SBC Voices

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Citing First Amendment, outspoken minority of pastors refuse to close churches amid pandemic

"A private test poll of 226 pastors conducted by Barna Research on March 20–23 showed that while a vast majority of pastors, 67%, have opted to close their churches to observe social distancing orders in light of the pandemic, 5% said their churches will remain open as normal." - CPost


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