Church Sexual Abuse

10 Safeguards for Church Nurseries and Children’s Ministry

"Although the local church cannot end sexual abuse altogether, churches can take preventive measures to ensure the safety of their youngest members during church events. Below are ten recommendations to help reduce the likelihood that sexual abuse will occur in your church’s nursery and kids ministry areas." - Church Answers

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On the SBC Executive Committee’s independent sexual abuse investigation and Task Force

"The Executive Committee had earlier secured Guidepost Solutions for an independent review of its handling of sexual abuse issues; thus, an outside outfit will be doing an 'independent review' of how the EC handled aspects of some sexual abuse cases and another outside group composed of Southern Baptists will have oversight of that, the latter group to be advised by a couple more experts in the relevant areas." - SBC Voices

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Southern Baptists Approve Major Investigation Into Abuse Response

“While the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) recently commissioned its own independent inquiry through Guidepost Solutions, messengers voted at its annual meeting to transfer oversight of that investigation or launch an additional one.” - C.Today


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