Book Review

The Old Gods or the New? A Review of Tara Isabella Burton’s “Strange Rites: New Religions for a Godless World”

"Strange Rites explores and analyzes seven different movements in contemporary modern American life, all of which function—at some level—as new faith systems after the decline of mainline Protestantism. The current age, for Burton, is decidedly not secular." - John Ehrett

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Mind the Story: A Bible Reading Lesson from Ron Horton

"In Alive to the Purpose: The Readerly Reading of Scripture (Greenville, SC: JourneyForth, 2020), the late literary scholar and Bob Jones University professor Ronald A. Horton seeks to correct unbalanced Bible study. There are multiple legitimate ways to study, but neither special study nor perfunctory reading should keep us from seeing Scripture for what it is. Horton proposes that Christians read the Bible as story." - P&D

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Tim Miller reviews Thomas Kidd's “Who Is an Evangelical?”

"Kidd has shown that the term evangelical has lost much of its doctrinal meaning....And though he does not make this explicit, I think he has shown that the movement has done its best when it has focused on doing what it has been called to do (evangelize, emphasize personal lives of holiness) rather than when it has sought political power." - Tim Miller

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Review of Mark Galli's “When Did We Start Forgetting God?”

"Few aspects of church life escape Galli’s censure. Evangelicals’ shallow engagement with the Bible, our self-indulgent reliance on personal anecdotes in preaching, our relative disregard for the sacraments, our proclivity to replace the worship of God in our music with techniques that effectively elicit 'spiritual jollies,' our small groups—Galli’s diagnosis of evangelical churches is comprehensive, and excoriating." - TGC

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When Will the KJV Be Sufficiently Unintelligible to the “Plow Boy” That Change Will Become Necessary?

"...there is one kind of review that I have especially wished for, a review that is both 1) academic and 2) critical. One such review has indeed been published, and the author, Dr. Jeffrey Riddle, was kind enough to share it with me. I wish to respond to Riddle’s review" - Mark Ward

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