Book Review

Review: The Inclusive Language Debate by D.A. Carson

"Carson is so evenhanded. He is a complementarian who nonetheless takes an unpopular position among his fellow conservatives. He critiques the work of friends and former students graciously but clearly. He also is willing to side with the critics on individual rendering choices in specific passages." - Mark Ward

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John Wayne, Jesus, and the Struggle to Define the Christian Man

"I fear that she’s taken aim at individuals—including people I know—who differ from her theologically but do their best to keep their eyes focused on Jesus, not John Wayne. One does not have to agree entirely with John Piper, for example, to know that he has paid a steep price for opposing some of the very trends that Du Mez identifies in her book." - David French

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Review: Kevin DeYoung's Men and Women in the Church

"It unapologetically explains and defends the complementarian position, which insists that God has designed men and women to be complementary to one another in life, church, and family. Though few people love the word 'complementarian,' he believes it is an appropriate choice because 'it’s hard to tell the story of the Bible without a word that communicates 'different but fitting together.'" - Challies

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Book Review: Jesus and John Wayne: A Fair Portrait of Evangelicalism?

"Towards the end of the book, after assembling her evidence and indicting the totality of evangelical Christianity as White and Patriarchal, she writes: 'Driscoll, Mahaney, Patrick, MacArthur, and MacDonald had all risen to prominence through their aggressive promotion of patriarchal power. To those who cared to notice, it was clear that Trump wasn’t the first domineering leader to win over evangelicals.'" - Anne Kennedy

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Bringing Good Things Together: Work and Worship

"The broader faith-and-work movement has long stressed a believer’s royal role in the creation mandate (Gen. 1:28), bringing order and goodness to the world through work. Kaemingk (assistant professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary) and Willson (professor of missiology and missional ministry at Calvin Theological Seminary) build on this while also emphasizing the priestly function of believers." - TGC

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Review: Money, Debt, and Finances

"Any Christian book on this subject faces a challenge: it must deal with both timeless principles and contemporary applications—issues that transcend time and context and those that are inexorably bound to a particular time and a particular context. Money, Debt, and Finances strikes just the right balance." - Challies

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Conversation with Tim Keller on his new book – Hope in Times of Fear: The Resurrection and the Meaning of Easter

"If I was working on . . . some theological topic like the Sabbath—I’m sure my cancer would have been a distraction. But this book was on death and resurrection. So every time I wrote it was like having a wrestling-with-God prayer session. It was hard and great—but I always felt God dealing with me and helping me as I wrote." - Tim Keller

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