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04/20/09 Filings item- Sandra Binney, Wife of Dr. Jim Binney, Succumbs to Cancer Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism
04/22/09 Filings item- Miss California Defends Biblical Marriage; Potentially Cost Her Pageant Crown Greg Linscott Culture, Homosexuality, Filings
04/22/09 Filings item- National Day of Prayer events overshadowed by politics Greg Linscott Prayer, Politics, Filings
04/22/09 Filings item- Porn and paper pastors Greg Linscott Filings, Ecclesiology, Church & Ministry
04/22/09 Filings item- "...(S)upport that could be provided from outside the church (for instance, from the state) should be preferred over using church funds, thus freeing church funds to be used elsewhere." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Social Action
04/23/09 Filings item- "...they're rigorously normal" Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
04/23/09 Filings item- $600K annual compensation "in line with compensation packages of other religious leaders in Manhattan who minister to congregations of a similar size and scope" Greg Linscott Filings, Ecclesiology, Pastors
04/23/09 Filings item- Free Download- Framable Sketch of Spurgeon Greg Linscott Filings
04/24/09 Filings item- Maine's same-sex marriage debate turns deeply religious Greg Linscott Homosexuality, Marriage, Filings
04/24/09 Filings item- "Conservative Christians are willing to speak up about biblical sexual ethics in the public square when the issue is same-sex marriage, but are neglectfully silent when the issue is objectifying women’s bodies to spike TV ratings." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings
04/24/09 Filings item- Church growth conference helps pastors feel like miserable failures Greg Linscott Filings
04/24/09 Filings item- Promise Keepers Invites Women to 2009 Gathering Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings
04/24/09 Filings item- CBTS Makes New Perspective Chapel Series Available Greg Linscott New Perspective on Paul, N. T. Wright, Calvary Baptist Seminary
04/25/09 Filings item- Breaking: Fundamentalists are people too Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Filings, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
04/26/09 Filings item- "He calls a worm His friend, He calls Himself my God!" Greg Linscott Filings, On The First Day of the Week...
04/27/09 Filings item- "Marriage actually works best as a formative institution, not an institution you enter once you think you're fully formed." Greg Linscott Marriage, Filings
04/27/09 Filings item- "In short, the phrase 'but I like it' is not, as many believe, the end of all discussion, but rather the beginning of the discussion." Greg Linscott Music, Filings
04/27/09 Filings item- Sermons on sex may translate into eviction notice from school Greg Linscott Sexuality, Filings
04/27/09 Filings item- DBTS Announces Significant New Scholarship Programs Greg Linscott DBTS, Filings
04/27/09 Filings item- "There ought to be a different word for pirates in their current incarnation" Greg Linscott Filings
04/28/09 Filings item- Survey: Half of U.S. adults have switched religions Greg Linscott Culture, Filings
04/29/09 Filings item- Dallas Morning News Eliminates Religion Beat Greg Linscott Culture, Filings
04/29/09 Filings item- Liberty U Convocation to Feature Miss California Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Fundamentalism
04/30/09 Filings item- The 2009 TIME 100 Omits Aaron Blumer Greg Linscott Filings, There Are No Words
04/30/09 Filings item- ABP News Provides Overview of Changes During Mohler Era at SBTS Greg Linscott Filings, Southern Baptists
05/01/09 Filings item- Rob Bell: Nuclear weapons are 'direct affront' to God Greg Linscott Culture, Politics, Filings
05/01/09 Filings item- Christians and Culture with Ken Myers Greg Linscott Culture, Filings
05/01/09 Filings item- Tragedy Strikes Tri-City Baptist Excursion in Grand Canyon; 1 Body Found In Search, 2 Still Missing Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism
05/04/09 Filings item- “I want to repent…I just, I don’t know how to do it.” Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
05/05/09 Filings item- "I Believe" License Plates Fail To Pass in Florida Greg Linscott Culture, Filings