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11/15/21 Article- Practical Church Life: Sharing Facilities With Another Ministry dcbii Church & Ministry in General Church Buildings, Partnerships
11/15/21 Filings item- Why 'Let’s go Brandon' has no place in a Christian’s life SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Christian Living, Public Discourse
11/15/21 Filings item- Among many U.S. children, reading for fun has become less common, federal data shows SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Education, Literacy, Children
11/15/21 Filings item- Stop Trying to Be Cool SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Christianity vs Culture, Ministry Fads, Worldliness
11/15/21 Filings item- The Ever-Changing Definition of a Fundamentalist SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism History of Fundamentalism, Fundamentalism, Separatism
11/15/21 Filings item- How should we approach friends we disagree with theologically? SI Filings Christian Living Disagreement, Debate, Friendship
11/16/21 Article- Review of ‘Covenant’ by Daniel I. Block (Part 4) Paul Henebury Books, Reading & Writing Book Reviews, Covenant Theology, Hermeneutics, Series - BlockCov
11/16/21 Filings item- At John Hagee's church, chants of 'let's go Brandon;' Michael Flynn calls for only one religion in America SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics John Hagee, Michael Flynn, Christian Nationalism, Politicized Churches
11/16/21 Filings item- “...we are to ‘look for’ Jesus’ return... the event to which life as we know it points.” SI Filings Christian Living Second Advent, Eschatology, Christian Mind
11/16/21 Filings item- The COVID-19 Vaccination as the New Acceptable Jim Crow TylerR Society, Culture & Politics COVID Vaccination
11/16/21 Filings item- The Post-Pandemic Opportunity to Rethink Work Biblically SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work, Books
11/16/21 Filings item- ND bans critical race theory from public schools, requires curriculum be 'factual, objective' SI Filings Education North Dakota, Public Education, Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory
11/16/21 Filings item- 15 Preaching Quotes for Thanksgiving SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Preaching
11/16/21 Forum topic- Increasing Compromise at BJU...? W. T. O'Harver Education
11/17/21 Filings item- Tensions behind World magazine's move to push Olasky out of his editor's chair SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing
11/17/21 Filings item- “How are the lyrics of our worship music forming us?” SI Filings Worship & Music Worship Music, Contemporary Worship
11/17/21 Filings item- Why the minichurch is the latest trend in American religion SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Megachurches, Small Church, Church Trends
11/17/21 Filings item- Why Some Support Abortion (Even When They Know It’s Wrong) SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Roe v. Wade, Abortion
11/17/21 Filings item- The Christian Peacemaker Who Left a Trail of Trauma SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Parachurch, Conflict Resolution, Joy Dabler
11/18/21 Article- Always for All Things SharperIron Christian Living C. H. Spurgeon, Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Sermons
11/18/21 Filings item- Why I’m Inviting John Leland to Thanksgiving Debates About Christian America SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Christian America, Christian Nationalism, Religious Liberty, Church History
11/18/21 Filings item- Catholic bishops greenlight Communion document, but don’t single out politicians SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Roman Catholicism, Abortion, Bioethics, Elected Officials
11/18/21 Filings item- Your ‘Fur Babies’ Aren’t Children SI Filings Home & Family Pets, Family Life, Birth Rates, Fertility, Parenting
11/18/21 Filings item- How Should We Think Biblically About End-of-Life Care? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech End of Life, Death, Bioethics, Medical Ethics
11/18/21 Filings item- Russia added to State Department list of worst religious liberty violators SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Russia, Persecution, Religious Liberty
11/18/21 Filings item- Research suggests today's devout Christians are more strongly opposed to premarital sex SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Research, Sexual Ethics, Premarital sex
11/19/21 Article- Biblical Roles of Men & Women in the Church, Part 1 Guest Church & Ministry in General Church Leadership, Women's Ministry, Women in Scripture
11/19/21 Filings item- How It Ends... Living in the Now—Patient Endurance SI Filings Christian Living Eschatology, End Times, Patience, Faithfulness
11/19/21 Filings item- Identity: A Biblical Worldview of Yourself (Part 2: Biblical Teaching) SI Filings Christian Living Worldview, Anthropology, Stewardship, Christian Mind
11/19/21 Filings item- 6 Reasons to Rejoice over Recent Research on Bible Engagement SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Bible Reading, Biblical Literacy, Research