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06/11/07 Filings item- Time To Fight Or Time To Fellowship? Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/11/07 Filings item- Southern Baptists meet in Texas this week Adam Blumer Filings
06/11/07 Article- The Spirit and the Church, Part 1 SharperIron Holy Spirit, Theology
06/08/07 Filings item- Southern Baptists to Discuss Evangelism and Public Schools Adam Blumer Filings
06/08/07 Filings item- Congress Eases Stem Cell Restrictions Adam Blumer Filings
06/08/07 Filings item- Christians Are Giving Less Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/08/07 Article- Book Review—Same Lake, Different Boat Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Church & Ministry, Disabilities
06/07/07 Filings item- House rejects bill to ban human cloning Adam Blumer Filings
06/07/07 Filings item- TBN Purchases The Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Fl Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/07/07 Article- Book Review—The Bible and Contemporary Culture Anthony Hayden Books & Publishing, Culture, Bibliology
06/06/07 Filings item- California Assembly Votes to Allow Gay Couples to Share a Last Name Adam Blumer Filings
06/06/07 Filings item- Congress May Consider Phony Human Cloning Ban on Wednesday Adam Blumer Filings
06/06/07 Article- Things to Ask a Prospective Pastor SharperIron Pastors
06/05/07 Filings item- Cedarville Raising More Eyebrows and Concerns Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/05/07 Filings item- Most Americans See Bible as Major Source of Truth Adam Blumer Filings
06/05/07 Filings item- Gay Activist Group Opposes Surgeon General Nominee Because of His Religious Convictions Adam Blumer Filings
06/05/07 Article- Suffering Women to Learn? SharperIron In The Nick of Time, Education
06/04/07 Filings item- Valedictorian Under Fire for Speaking of Faith in Christ During Her Graduation Speech Adam Blumer Filings
06/04/07 Filings item- Falwell's Son Receives Unanimous Vote Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/04/07 Article- God-Focused Conversation and Worship Todd Wood Worship
06/03/07 Filings item- Announcement By Dan Burrell Pastor Joe Roof Filings
06/02/07 Filings item- Moderating Message Boards mebrock Filings, Blogging
06/01/07 Filings item- Post-Falwell, U.S. Religious Right remains a force Adam Blumer Filings
06/01/07 Filings item- Kevorkian Out of Prison After 8 Years Adam Blumer Filings
06/01/07 Filings item- Faith Playing Larger Role in 2008 Race Adam Blumer Filings
06/01/07 Filings item- Jonathan Falwell Speaks of His New Responsibilities Dan Burrell Filings
06/01/07 Article- Why Do They Leave Fundamentalism? Part 2 Dan Miller Emergent Church, Christian Liberty
05/31/07 Article- Book Reviews—The Priority and Task of Preaching Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Preaching
05/29/07 Filings item- Another 27 Million Dollar Christian Museum To Open Soon Pastor Joe Roof Filings
05/29/07 Article- A Christian Leader Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time