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09/04/18 Filings item- Democrats Demand Kavanaugh Submit To DNA Test To Prove He’s Not Actually Hitler TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Supreme Court
09/05/18 Article- What About Divorce? G. N. Barkman Home & Family Divorce, Remarriage
09/05/18 Filings item- Kavanaugh hearings open, abortion draws spotlight Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Brett Kavanaugh, Abortion, Supreme Court
09/05/18 Filings item- Response to the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Social Justice, The Gospel
09/05/18 Filings item- What Are Evangelicals Afraid of Losing? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Evangelicals
09/06/18 Article- The Book of Psalms and the Biblical Covenants (Part 1) Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Psalms, Series - Covenants, Covenants
09/06/18 Filings item- Why Sex Outside of Marriage Is a Sin Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Premarital sex
09/07/18 Article- Theology Thursday on Friday: Free Will Baptists TylerR Theology & Methodology Free Will Baptists, Baptists
09/07/18 Filings item- C.S. Lewis on the Pleasure of Pleasing People without Being a People Pleaser Aaron Blumer Christian Living C.S. Lewis, Encouragement, Affirmation, Thankfulness
09/07/18 Filings item- Ruined Life in the Twenties? There's Hope! Jim Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Christian Living
09/07/18 Filings item- John Piper: Is Grace Really Irresistible? Jim Theology & Methodology Irresistible Grace, John Piper
09/07/18 Filings item- Advice to Christian Apologists: Being Wise as Serpents and Innocent as Doves Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Douglas Groothuis, Apologetics
09/08/18 Filings item- Ben Sasse’s two-minute civics class Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Citizenship, Civics, Ben Sasse
09/08/18 Filings item- The Injustice of Social Justice TylerR Society, Culture & Politics MacArthur on Social Justice
09/09/18 Filings item- Gospel and Social Justice – Fundamentalist and Progressive Distortions TylerR Society, Culture & Politics MacArthur on Social Justice, Social Justice
09/10/18 Article- A Guy Named Sihon TylerR Theology & Methodology Theology Proper, compatibalism, Sovereignty of God
09/10/18 Filings item- Youth Groups: A Good Idea or a Bad Idea? Jim Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Youth Groups
09/10/18 Filings item- Bob Jones University Ranked by U.S. News and World Report Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Bob Jones University
09/10/18 Filings item- Union Seminary states its positions Jim Theology & Methodology Union Seminary
09/11/18 Article- 10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a New Church Christopher Cone Christian Living Leaving a Church, Church & Ministry, Church Hopping
09/11/18 Filings item- The quasi-parent mess Aaron Blumer Home & Family Parenting, Legal Issues, Parental Rights
09/11/18 Filings item- 9/11: The Day I Wasn't Ready for, but Mustered My Will to Act Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics 9/11
09/11/18 Filings item- 9/11 17 years on Jim Society, Culture & Politics 9/11
09/11/18 Filings item- Arno Q. Weniger, Jr. with the Lord Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Arno Q. Weniger, Obituary
09/12/18 Article- A Good God in a Wicked World: Considering the Problem of Evil, Part 2 SharperIron Theology & Methodology Philosophy, Problem of Evil, Theodicy, Series - DBSJ Evil
09/12/18 Filings item- Race, Sex and the Crisis of Identity in American Evangelicalism TylerR Christian Living Christian Life
09/12/18 Filings item- Aimee Byrd Asks About Men and Women ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’ Jim Society, Culture & Politics Friendship
09/12/18 Forum topic- Evangelist Tim Lee, National Anthem Ad for Ted Cruz Jonathan Charles Featured discussions
09/12/18 Filings item- Charismatic weirdness Jim Society, Culture & Politics News of the Weird
09/13/18 Article- Theology Thursday: Union Theological Seminary On Inerrancy TylerR Theology & Methodology Union Theological Seminary, Biblical Inerrancy