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08/23/18 Bio- Larry Pettegrew 2018 bio Larry Pettegrew
09/03/18 Bio- Greg Barkman 2018 bio G. N. Barkman
10/15/18 Bio- Brandon Crawford bio Brandon Crawford
10/28/18 Bio- Michael Riley 2018 bio Michael Riley
12/13/18 Bio- Andrew Aird bio AAird
12/27/18 Bio- Dave Mallinak bio Dave Mallinak
01/21/19 Bio- Joshua Peglow bio josh p
03/03/19 Bio- Phil Golden bio Philip Golden Jr.
06/10/19 Bio- Paul Scharf 2019 Bio Paul J. Scharf
07/09/19 Bio- Kyle Dunham bio kyle.dunham
09/09/19 Bio- Jay Camp bio Jay
10/20/19 Bio- David Mappes bio David Mappes
10/21/19 Bio- Alf Cengia bio Alf Cengia
01/15/20 Bio- Myron Houghton bio 2020 dr.m.houghton
08/19/20 Bio- Doug Brown 2020 bio Aaron Blumer
10/14/20 Bio- Christopher Cone bio 2020 Christopher Cone
02/22/21 Bio- Forrest McPhail Bio Forrest McPhail
08/25/21 Bio- Ken Rathbun bio 2021 SharperIron
12/20/21 Bio- John Whitcomb 2020 SharperIron
02/14/22 Bio- Tom Howard bio 2022 SharperIron
03/20/22 Bio- Thomas Overmiller 2022 bio SharperIron
04/19/22 Bio- David Wenkel bio 2022 SharperIron
05/28/10 Thank You, Soldiers! Blogroll
05/26/10 Free Ebook: 20 Homeschool Grads Tip Their Hats to Homeschool Parents Blogroll
05/25/10 “Resilient” by Sarah Jinright Blogroll
05/24/10 Pressed Blogroll
05/22/10 “I’ll Pray Again” by Ben Everson Blogroll
05/22/10 Sunday Hymnary: “Lord, Thou Hast Made Thyself to Me” by J. B. French, Blogroll
05/21/10 Friday Funnies: Spell Check Blogroll
05/18/10 Tattling Toadies Blogroll