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08/29/16 Filings item- Was Jesus In A Lonely, Deserted, or Uninhabited Region? (Mark 1:45) TylerR Bible Passages Bill Mounce, Koine Greek
08/29/16 Filings item- Unsatisfied Persecuted Church Member To Try Out Other Church Just Across Minefield TylerR Church & Ministry in General Babylon Bee, Satire
08/30/16 Filings item- A Vow Regarding the KJV TylerR English Bible Text Debate KJV-Only, Textus Receptus, KJVO
09/06/16 Filings item- Christianity Falling Down TylerR Theology & Methodology C. Michael Patton, Mere Christianity
09/06/16 Filings item- Are Ants People? TylerR Bible Passages Koine Greek
09/07/16 Filings item- Is the Son Equal to the Father? TylerR Theology & Methodology Trinity
09/08/16 Filings item- Peter the Apostate? TylerR Bible Passages Robert Gundry, F. David Farnell
09/09/16 Filings item- Jesus Never Said ANYTHING About Felony Home Invasion TylerR Bible Passages Babylon Bee, Satire
09/13/16 Filings item- Yea, Though She Fall Into the Van TylerR Christian Living Doug Wilson, Hillary Clinton
09/14/16 Filings item- HCSB Revision to Launch TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Bible Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible
09/15/16 Filings item- Desiring to Rule Over Genesis 3:16 TylerR Bible Passages Genesis, Complementarianism
09/16/16 Filings item- Local Pastor Longs For Good Old Days When America Pretended To Be A Christian Nation TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Babylon Bee
09/16/16 Filings item- Historic Baptist Principles … or the Seed of Defeat in the Soil of Revival? TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism, Liberalism
09/19/16 Filings item- Decision making and "I Have Peace About It!" TylerR Christian Living Decision Making, God's Will
09/20/16 Filings item- Is the Bible Foundational to Christianity? Engaging with Andy Stanley TylerR Theology & Methodology Andy Stanley, Bible
09/20/16 Filings item- Sex Negative TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Culture, Human Sexuality
09/22/16 Filings item- Children in the Worship Service TylerR Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Family Integrated Church, Worship
09/23/16 Filings item- The Reason Why America Burned Spurgeon’s Sermons and Sought to Kill Him TylerR Church & Biblical History C. H. Spurgeon
09/23/16 Filings item- Journey Song Becomes Unlikely Worship Hit After Accidental Christian Radio Broadcast TylerR Christian Living CCM
09/26/16 Filings item- For the Bible Tells Me So - Biblical Authority Denied TylerR Theology & Methodology Andy Stanley, Liberalism
09/26/16 Filings item- The Tolerance and Tyranny of Ms. Kohn TylerR Society, Culture & Politics American Culture
09/28/16 Filings item- Why ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Is a Lousy Creed TylerR Church & Ministry in General Creeds and Confessions
09/28/16 Filings item- At What Point Does Interpretation Run Counter to Biblical Intention? TylerR Bible Passages Koine Greek, English Bible Translations
09/28/16 Filings item- Five Benefits of Regular Family Worship TylerR Home & Family Family Worship
09/29/16 Filings item- The State of Theology TylerR Christian Living Ligioner, Evangelicalism
09/30/16 Filings item- Baptist Kids Learn Exciting Account Of Jesus Turning Water Into Grape Juice TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Alcohol, Babylon Bee
10/08/16 Filings item- A Guide to the Recent Trinity Controversy TylerR Theology & Methodology Eternal Functional Subordinationism, Christology, Trinity
10/10/16 Filings item- Is There Ever a Time to Use “Man”? (Col 3:9–10) TylerR Bible Passages Koine Greek, Bill Mounce
10/14/16 Filings item- Local Man Boldly Refuses To Compromise On Extremely Minor Issues TylerR Theology & Methodology Babylon Bee
10/15/16 Filings item- Serious Laughter: An Interview with the Creator of "Babylon Bee" TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Babylon Bee