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12/24/15 Filings item- What Was the Star of Bethlehem? TylerR Christian Living Christmas
12/25/15 Filings item- The Christmas Story from Ancient Greek Manuscripts TylerR Church & Ministry in General Christmas
01/01/16 Filings item- Thoughts and Questions Along the Church-Size Trajectory TylerR Church & Ministry in General Dan Phillips
01/01/16 Filings item- What Christians Should Know About Messianic Judaism TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Dallas Theological Seminary, Messianic Judaism
01/01/16 Filings item- A Simple Outline Regarding 1 John 5:7 TylerR Bible Passages Doug Kutilek, 1 John 5:7
01/04/16 Filings item- Legalism in the SBC TylerR Practical Points Alcohol, Southern Baptist Convention
01/05/16 Filings item- Is Slave a Good English Translation? TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Bible Translation
01/14/16 Filings item- Seducing Society - The High Cost of Gambling TylerR Christian Living Jeff Straub, Frontline, Gambling
01/15/16 Filings item- 1-Star Reviews of Great Books TylerR Anything Else Tim Challies
01/15/16 Filings item- Biblical Prophesy - Guidelines and Pitfalls TylerR Theology & Methodology prophesy, Central Baptist Theological Seminary
01/16/16 Filings item- The Long and Short of Sermons TylerR Practical Points Sermon Length
01/16/16 Filings item- Should Churches Perform Altar Calls? TylerR Practical Points Jonathan Leeman, Altar Calls
01/20/16 Filings item- The Scandal of Biblical Illiteracy TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Al Mohler, Bible
01/20/16 Filings item- 2016 Conference: The Theology and Practice of Evangelism TylerR Church & Ministry in General Conference on Church for God's Glory
01/21/16 Filings item- Why Your Church Should Support Fewer Missionaries TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missionaries
01/21/16 Filings item- John Piper and Christian Hedonism TylerR Christian Living Roger Olson, John Piper
01/23/16 Filings item- Going All-in With eBooks TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Tim Challies, ebooks
01/23/16 Filings item- Imperatives & Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek TylerR Theology & Methodology Rob Plummer, Greek
01/25/16 Filings item- Why Won't Gay Activists Debate? TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Michael Brown, Gay Agenda
01/25/16 Filings item- Why Is Good Preaching So Rare? TylerR Preaching & Leadership Carl Trueman, Expository Preaching
01/25/16 Filings item- You Can Get with THIS, Or You Can Get with THAT TylerR Books, Reading & Writing journaling, Bible Reading
01/25/16 Filings item- The Problem Among Independent Baptists with the Gospel TylerR Practical Points Gospel, Independent Fundamental Baptist
01/25/16 Filings item- Expositor.FM - 24/7 Streaming Preaching TylerR Christian Living Steven Lawson, OnePassion ministries
02/01/16 Filings item- How Church Relevance is Boring TylerR Theology & Methodology Church Growth
02/01/16 Filings item- Dr Joel Beeke on Bible Versions: Practical Reasons for Retaining the KJV TylerR English Bible Text Debate joel beeke, KJV
02/05/16 Filings item- A Classic Book about “Corporate Election” Revised, Enlarged, and Re-Published TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Unconditional Election, Roger Olson, Election
02/26/16 Filings item- Beware of Your Fictional Church TylerR Preaching & Leadership Church & Ministry
02/29/16 Filings item- The Ligonier Statement on Christology TylerR Theology & Methodology Christology
02/29/16 Filings item- Seven Reasons Why Monthly Church Business Meetings Are Dying TylerR Church & Ministry in General Business
03/01/16 Filings item- Online Education: Relation-less Education TylerR Education Online Education