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06/05/09 Forum topic- Recommendations and Reviews Susan R Education
06/08/09 Forum topic- What would you say to this year's high school/college graduates? Susan R Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
07/03/09 Forum topic- What Does The Scripture Say About The Use of Alcohol? Susan R Other Issues & Controversies
08/04/09 Forum topic- College Professor's Opinion of Home Education Susan R Education
08/04/09 Forum topic- Hospitality Susan R Home & Family
08/07/09 Forum topic- 'Fooling' kids into learning, and other deceptions... Susan R Education
08/21/09 Forum topic- Ever Heard of Ellerslie? Susan R Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
08/21/09 Forum topic- Rebuke/Admonish vs. Accusations Susan R Preaching & Leadership
08/25/09 Forum topic- Don Johnson responds to Dr. Bauder's articles Susan R Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
08/27/09 Forum topic- Jay Mathews on Homeschool Regulations Susan R Education
09/02/09 Forum topic- Homeschoolers and ACT scores Susan R Education
09/02/09 Forum topic- Qualifications for teachers (SS and children's ministries) Susan R Theology & Methodology
09/04/09 Forum topic- September '09 Susan R
09/04/09 Forum topic- The Viability of Standarized Testing Susan R Education
09/05/09 Forum topic- "I Pledge" PSA Susan R Society, Culture & Politics
09/05/09 Forum topic- Free Museum Day 9/26 Susan R Anything Else
09/21/09 Forum topic- Inspiration, preservation, double inspiration, and a partridge in a pear tree. Susan R English Bible Text Debate
09/28/09 Forum topic- Simple Fixes- please try these first Susan R The SI Experience
10/13/09 Forum topic- Christoper Klicka of the HSLDA fought a good fight Susan R Education
10/27/09 Forum topic- Q&A with a Single Parent Homeschooler Susan R Education
10/28/09 Forum topic- Facebook pages for famous people of the past Susan R Anything Else
10/29/09 Forum topic- Member of Missionary Family Kidnapped Susan R Prayer Requests
10/31/09 Forum topic- Handling Social Media with Our Kids Susan R Home & Family
10/31/09 Forum topic- WRITE THESE LAWS ON YOUR CHILDREN: Inside the World of Conservative Christian Homeschooling Susan R Education
11/03/09 Forum topic- Blogging for Kids Susan R Home & Family
11/06/09 Forum topic- Praise the Lord! Susan R Prayer Requests
11/07/09 Forum topic- Handling disputes in the church (esp. financial) Susan R Theology & Methodology
12/05/09 Forum topic- Where are the men? Susan R Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
12/14/09 Forum topic- What happened in 2009? Susan R Anything Else
12/19/09 Forum topic- Dog Breed Specific Legislation, and saying "Good-Bye" to our dog Susan R Anything Else