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03/29/22 Filings item- Is a Paper Bible Better Than a Bible App? SI Filings Christian Living Digital Bibles, Technology
03/29/22 Filings item- Utah lawmakers override veto to ban biological males from competing in girls' sports SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Utah, Transgender Politics, Sports, Sexual Ethics
03/29/22 Filings item- What is the Mark of the Beast? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Eschatology, COVID Vaccination, Conspiracy Theories
03/29/22 Filings item- “About two-thirds of U.S. adults (65%) say science has had a mostly positive effect on society” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Science, American Culture, Health and Medicine, Pew Research
03/28/22 Filings item- Social Media Fosters Distrust in Institutions. But We Can’t Live Without Them. SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Social Media, Technology, Civil Society, Anti-Government
03/28/22 Filings item- Arizona Legislature approves 15-week abortion ban SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Bioethics, Arizona, Pro-Life Incrementalism
03/28/22 Filings item- Pew: After a month of war, Ukrainian refugee crisis approaches 4 million SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Pew Research
03/28/22 Filings item- The New Front Door to Your Church SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Ministry Technology, Online Worship, Church Visitors
03/28/22 Simple Ad- Ed pastor search Aaron Blumer
03/28/22 Article- There Are No Lost Tribes SI Filings Church & Biblical History Lost Tribes of Israel, Old Testament, Jews
03/28/22 Filings item- Earliest mention of ‘Yahweh’ on an artifact found near Mt Ebal SI Filings Church & Biblical History Archaeology
03/25/22 Filings item- “I am convinced that rejection of substitutionary atonement is a step toward liberal theology if not a sign of it.” SI Filings Theology & Methodology Substitutionary Atonement, Theological Liberalism
03/25/22 Filings item- The Prince of Paradox on Funk and Friendship SI Filings Christian Living G. K. Chesterton, Friendship
03/25/22 Filings item- Survey: Mormon support for same-sex marriage has doubled in the last decade, survey shows SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Gay Marriage, Mormonism, Sexual Ethics
03/25/22 Filings item- Central Seminary's Dr. Charles Hauser with the Lord SI Filings Education Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Obituary
03/25/22 Filings item- Russel Moore: Divorcing an Abusive Spouse Is Not a Sin SI Filings Theology & Methodology Abuse, Divorce
03/25/22 Filings item- Supreme Court: States must allow prayer, touch in executions SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Capital Punishment, Religious Liberty, Supreme Court
03/25/22 Article- Two Years Later: Where Are We Now? (Part 3) Paul J. Scharf Christian Living Series - 2yrs, Post-Coronavirus
03/24/22 Filings item- A Look Inside the New Issue of Credo Magazine: What does Plato have to do with Jesus? SI Filings Theology & Methodology Plato, Nominalism, Philosophy, Realism
03/24/22 Filings item- Thursdays with Todd Linn: How to Include a Meaningful Call for Response in Your Sermon SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Invitations, Preaching, Revivalism, Altar Calls
03/24/22 Filings item- Why Transhumanism Is Fundamentally Wrong SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Transhumanism, Technology, Technoethics, Human Brain
03/24/22 Filings item- Leadership changes at Hillsong SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Megachurches, Hillsong
03/24/22 Filings item- Why Haven’t There Been Any Evangelicals on the Supreme Court? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Evangelicals, Supreme Court, Education
03/24/22 Article- Deciphering Covenant Theology (Part 2) Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Covenant Theology, Series - DecipheringCT, Hermeneutics
03/23/22 Filings item- The Manly Virtue of Magnanimity SI Filings Christian Living Character, Christian Attitudes, John Witherspoon, Manhood
03/23/22 Filings item- Unhelpful Advice in ‘Turning Red’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Movies, American Culture, Self Discipline, Individualism
03/23/22 Filings item- Fallout over LGBTQ spouses at Calvin University captures broader evangelical divide SI Filings Education Calvin University, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, LGBTQ Politics, Sexual Ethics
03/23/22 Filings item- More houses of worship are returning to normal operations, but in-person attendance is unchanged since fall SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Post-Coronavirus, Church Attendance, Pew Research
03/23/22 Filings item- Voddie Baucham, Tom Ascol Want to Unseat ‘Liberal’ Southern Baptists SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Conservative Baptist Network, SBC, Tom Ascol
03/23/22 Filings item- Just How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Ukraine? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics War, Ukraine Invasion