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12/17/06 Filings item- Ecclesiastical Separation Alive and Well Jason Janz Filings
12/17/06 Filings item- Evangelical and Gay? Jason Janz Filings
12/16/06 Filings item- SI Posters and Readers Named as Time Mags "Persons of the Year" Jason Janz Filings
12/16/06 Filings item- A Puritan Christmas Greg Linscott Filings, Christmas
12/16/06 Filings item- "There’s a certain scandal to what’s happened to Bible publishing over the last fifteen years." Greg Linscott Filings, Bible Versions
12/15/06 Filings item- Soy is making kids 'gay' Greg Linscott Homosexuality, Filings
12/15/06 Article- The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints Todd Wood Cults & Heresies, Mormonism
12/14/06 Filings item- BP News Reports on ETS Vote Jason Janz Filings
12/14/06 Filings item- Young Evangelicals on CNN Jason Janz Filings
12/14/06 Filings item- Blogging 'set to peak next year' Greg Linscott Filings, Blogging
12/14/06 Article- Meditation on Psalm 90 M. Osborne Christian Living
12/13/06 Filings item- "The question then is this: If you have chosen not to educate your children yourself, who should be granted this responsibility? Those who strive to honor the Lord or those who couldn't care less?" Greg Linscott Filings, Education
12/13/06 Filings item- WEEK 15: PLAYOFFS ROUND ONE Brian McCrorie Filings, Sports
12/13/06 Filings item- The Pot and the Kettle: MacArthur and Driscoll Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, Separation
12/13/06 Filings item- Evidence Jesus was born on December 25? Greg Linscott Filings, Christmas
12/13/06 Filings item- Billy Graham Burial Site Controversy Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings
12/13/06 Article- Copland, Pluralism, and Musical Meaning: Implications for Christian Aesthetics Greg Linscott Christian Living, Music, Fundamentalism
12/12/06 Filings item- "This kit is designed for faith, educational, and community leaders to help tell the story of Rocky– one of courage, faith, and perseverance." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
12/12/06 Filings item- Would you take "Jesus" to the Movies? Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
12/12/06 Filings item- Worship: Circumstance or Element? Greg Linscott Filings, Worship, Pastors
12/12/06 Article- Fundamentalists and Theater: Act Two, So What? Kevin T. Bauder Christian Living, In The Nick of Time, Fundamentalism
12/11/06 Filings item- UPDATE: Neal Jackson Pastor, Lloyd Streeter Co-Pastor of Campus Church Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism
12/11/06 Filings item- Another Colorado Mega-Church Pastor, Another Gay Relationship Jason Janz Filings
12/11/06 Filings item- "One of the most interesting features of Dalhouse’s work is his sense that the BJU practice of separation was not always what it came to be, but instead was intensified during the presidency of Bob Jones Jr." Greg Linscott Filings, Separation, Fundamentalism
12/11/06 Article- Eternal Rewards Addy Forrest Christian Living, Thankfulness
12/10/06 Filings item- Neal Jackson and Lloyd Streeter Announced as Pensacola Campus Church Co-Pastors Greg Linscott Filings, Fundamentalism
12/10/06 Filings item- A Sunday Morning at Willow Creek Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings
12/08/06 Filings item- "...I have little patience for taking biblical metaphors too far and giving one's relationship with God an air of irreverent chumminess." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
12/08/06 Filings item- Changing Convictions on Movie-Watching Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
12/08/06 Filings item- On Pastoral Visitation Greg Linscott Filings, Pastors