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07/24/07 Article- Thinking About the Gospel, Part 6 SharperIron Separation, In The Nick of Time
07/23/07 Article- Has Fundamentalism Become Secularized? Part 2 SharperIron Fundamentalism
07/22/07 Filings item- Taliban Threatens 23 Captured Church Members From South Korea Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/21/07 Filings item- Tammy Faye Bakker Messner Dead at 65 Dan Burrell Filings
07/20/07 Filings item- Court Rules That "Bible Greg" Can Preach On College Campus Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/20/07 Article- Harry Potter: Anything of Value? SharperIron Books & Publishing, Harry Potter
07/19/07 Filings item- Vitter's Sin and the Evangelical "Effect" Dan Burrell Filings
07/19/07 Filings item- Erin Rodman Jones leads tours at the BJU Museum and Gallery Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/19/07 Article- Book Review—Assured by God SharperIron Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Soteriology
07/18/07 Article- College Summer Ensembles: Ministry or Marketing? SharperIron Cedarville University, Piedmont Baptist College, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
07/17/07 Filings item- The Battle for the Toy Box Brian McCrorie Filings
07/17/07 Article- Thinking About the Gospel, Part 5 SharperIron Soteriology, In The Nick of Time
07/16/07 Filings item- Concern About Today's Worship Music Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/16/07 Filings item- Present Day Missionary Biographies mebrock Filings, Missions
07/16/07 Article- The Resurrection Body of Christ the Lord, Part 5 SharperIron Christian Living, Easter
07/13/07 Filings item- Some Positive Data On American Teens Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/13/07 Filings item- Where are all of the young Calvinists coming from?!?! Brian McCrorie Filings
07/13/07 Filings item- Ian Paisley Responds To The Pope Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/13/07 Article- Mark Farnham—The SharperIron Interview | Part 1 SharperIron Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Interviews, Podcasts, Audio, Fundamentalism
07/12/07 Article- Book Review—Evangelism for the Fainthearted SharperIron Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Evangelism
07/12/07 Filings item- Tiny Tablet Confirms Old Testament Austin M. Archaeology, Filings
07/11/07 Filings item- "Pope: Other Christians Not True Churches" Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/11/07 Article- Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality, Part 1 SharperIron Sexuality, Homosexuality
07/10/07 Filings item- Whetstone Conference Highlights mebrock Filings
07/10/07 Filings item- Need A New Parsonage? Pastor Joe Roof Filings
07/10/07 Article- Joseph M. Stowell, II: An Honorable Leader SharperIron GARBC, In The Nick of Time, Fundamentalism
07/09/07 Article- Notable Books on Adventism Douglas K. Kutilek Cults & Heresies, Seventh-Day Adventism
07/06/07 Article- Adventists at 33,000 Feet Douglas K. Kutilek Cults & Heresies, Seventh-Day Adventism
07/05/07 Filings item- Former Gay Activist Calls Homosexuality "Lustful" and "Pornographic" Brian McCrorie Filings
07/05/07 Filings item- To Lie or Not to Lie... Brian McCrorie Filings