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10/19/08 Filings item- University Rejects Street Preachers' "Hate Speech" Aaron Blumer Filings
10/18/08 Filings item- "How Would Jesus Vote?" Tour Ends SharperIron Filings
10/18/08 Filings item- Billy Graham Film Draws Few Aaron Blumer Filings
10/17/08 Article- 2008 Mid-America Conference on Preaching, Part 1 Scott Aniol DBTS, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Fundamentalism
10/16/08 Filings item- Tim Challies Reviews New ESV Study Bible Aaron Blumer Filings
10/16/08 Filings item- Disco Song - A Perfect Aid In Administering CPR? Pastor Joe Roof Filings
10/16/08 Filings item- "Christian Fundamentalists" March in Jerusalem Aaron Blumer Filings
10/16/08 Filings item- Iraqi Christians Ask for Prayer SharperIron Filings
10/16/08 Article- Book Review: Assist Me to Proclaim Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Church History
10/15/08 Filings item- NY Regular Baptists Seek to Discipline Pastor Aaron Blumer Filings
10/15/08 Filings item- Update on "Gay Marriage" Battle in CA SharperIron Filings
10/15/08 Filings item- Another School Board Discusses Offering a Bible Elective Class Aaron Blumer Filings
10/15/08 Article- My Ordo Salutis on the "N" Train jpdsr51 Arminianism, Calvinism
10/14/08 Filings item- Osteen Now Sells Tickets for Traveling Worship Services Aaron Blumer Filings
10/14/08 Filings item- Pastor Aims to Reach Fewer People Aaron Blumer Filings
10/14/08 Filings item- Study: Students Views Move Left During College SharperIron Filings
10/14/08 Article- To the Old Guys: It's Time to Listen Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
10/13/08 Filings item- SoulFource Members Arrested Trying to Enter Chapel Service Dan Burrell Filings
10/13/08 Article- Getting to Know You, Part 2 Greg Linscott Christian Living, Stories of Life Change, SharperIron
10/11/08 Filings item- Christians, Under Attack In Mosul, Seek Refuge Pastor Joe Roof Filings
10/10/08 Filings item- Evangelicals Hold Reconciliation Week Aaron Blumer Filings
10/10/08 Filings item- The Case For Christian Education Pastor Joe Roof Filings
10/10/08 Filings item- Christians Can Be Calm In The Midst Of Economic Uncertainty Pastor Joe Roof Filings
10/10/08 Article- Creation, Part 7 Warren Vanhetloo Christian Living
10/09/08 Article- Book Review: Isolation by Travis Thrasher Adam Blumer Books & Publishing, Fiction
10/08/08 Filings item- Good News for Traditional Marriage in CA SharperIron Filings
10/08/08 Filings item- Update on Religious Freedom in Iraq Aaron Blumer Filings
10/08/08 Filings item- Machine Guns, Upheaval On The Mission Field Pastor Joe Roof Filings
10/08/08 Article- Our Own Ninevah Joy Wagner Christian Living
10/07/08 Filings item- Publisher Uses Angelina Jolie Photo to Market Bible SharperIron Filings