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08/28/08 Article- Book Review: Salvation Belongs to Our God Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Soteriology
08/27/08 Filings item- Charles Wesley Diary Code Solved Aaron Blumer Filings
08/27/08 Filings item- Church-going Teens Have Higher GPA's? SharperIron Filings
08/27/08 Article- What Is Clear Biblical Teaching? Part 4 SharperIron Christian Living
08/26/08 Filings item- School District Fights Ban on Distributing Bibles SharperIron Filings
08/26/08 Filings item- Italian Priest Plans Beauty Contest for Nuns Aaron Blumer Filings
08/26/08 Filings item- Democrat Convention Reaches out to "People of Faith" Aaron Blumer Filings
08/26/08 Article- Captain's Log, Part 2 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
08/25/08 Filings item- Study Reveals Major Moral Shift in Below-25 Group Dan Burrell Filings
08/25/08 Article- Contextualization and Syncretism: Navigating a Course SharperIron Missions
08/23/08 Filings item- Study: Women Targets of Sexual Misconduct at Church Aaron Blumer Filings
08/22/08 Filings item- LaHaye Plans for 'Left Behind' Remakes Adam Blumer Filings
08/22/08 Filings item- Survey: Average Pastor Salary Now Near $80K in USA Aaron Blumer Filings
08/22/08 Filings item- Hallmark Embraces Homosexual 'Marriage' Adam Blumer Filings
08/22/08 Article- Creation, Part 3 Warren Vanhetloo Christian Living, Creation
08/21/08 Filings item- Another School Board Considers Intelligent Design SharperIron Filings
08/21/08 Filings item- Franklin Graham Says New Film About Father Misrepresents BJU Pastor Joe Roof Filings
08/21/08 Article- Book Review: Doctrine that Dances Roger Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Preaching
08/20/08 Filings item- Wanted: Conference Reporters Aaron Blumer Filings
08/20/08 Filings item- Chinese Christians Finding Increased Freedom to Worship? Aaron Blumer Filings
08/20/08 Article- Fourteen Reasons for Fourteen Years? Jason Janz Christian Living, Death
08/19/08 Filings item- Fantasy Football! SharperIron Filings
08/19/08 Filings item- Protest of China's Bible Confiscation Ends Aaron Blumer Filings
08/19/08 Filings item- Hyles Anderson College Launching Radio Station Aaron Blumer Filings
08/19/08 Filings item- Church History Buffs - New SBJT Focuses on Early Church SharperIron Filings
08/19/08 Article- Captain’s Log, Part 1 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
08/18/08 Filings item- Study: No Psychological Harm to Women Who Receive Abortion Aaron Blumer Filings
08/18/08 Filings item- Audio NT Now Available in 311 Languages SharperIron Filings
08/18/08 Filings item- W. VA Group Sees Digital Driver License Photos as Mark of Beast SharperIron Filings
08/18/08 Article- Essays on the History of Christian Theology, Part 1 SharperIron Christian Living, Baptism