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09/18/07 Article- The Pastor and Missions SharperIron In The Nick of Time, Missions
09/17/07 Filings item- McCain: "I'm a Baptist" Dan Burrell Filings
09/17/07 Filings item- Born-Again Christians Unsure of Global Warming Dan Burrell Filings
09/17/07 Filings item- "Emerging Church Is Leading Protestants Back To Rome" Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/17/07 Article- Papal Infallibility in Light of Each Believer’s Responsibility SharperIron Christian Living, Roman Catholicism
09/15/07 Filings item- Fox News Correspondent Scolds Kathy Griffin for Blasphemous Remarks Dan Burrell Filings
09/14/07 Filings item- Down Syndrome Dangers Brian McCrorie Filings
09/14/07 Article- Would You Vote for a Mormon President? SharperIron Christian Living, Politics
09/13/07 Article- Book Review—God’s Indwelling Presence A. Carpenter Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Holy Spirit
09/12/07 Filings item- Most Americans Think Founders Wanted a Christian Nation Dan Burrell Filings
09/12/07 Filings item- Real Leaders Brian McCrorie Filings
09/12/07 Filings item- Decline In Giving In America Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/12/07 Article- Book Review: Believer’s Baptism Z. Stewart MacLean Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Baptism
09/11/07 Filings item- SharperIron Fantasy Football: Week 1 Results Brian McCrorie Filings
09/11/07 Article- FAQ on Baptist Church Councils SharperIron Church & Ministry, In The Nick of Time
09/10/07 Article- Roads That Lead to Christian Burnout, Part 4 SharperIron Christian Living, Burnout
09/09/07 Filings item- Ian Paisley Will Step Down As Moderator Of the Free Presbyterian Church Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/07/07 Article- Mark Farnham—The SharperIron Interview | Part 2 SharperIron Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Interviews, Podcast, Fundamentalism, Audio
09/06/07 Filings item- Local Paper Reflects on D. James Kennedy's Life and Legacy Dan Burrell Filings
09/06/07 Article- Book Review—Telling God's Story SharperIron Books & Publishing, Hermeneutics, Preaching
09/05/07 Filings item- D. James Kennedy With The Lord Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/05/07 Article- Has Fundamentalism Become Secularized? Part 3 SharperIron Fundamentalism
09/04/07 Filings item- Update: Advisors to Ted Haggard, "Get a Job!" Dan Burrell Filings
09/04/07 Filings item- New Trend in Sermons? Pastor Does Reality with "" Dan Burrell Filings
09/04/07 Filings item- Granger Community Church Launches New Series Using "Shock" Billboards Again Dan Burrell Filings
09/04/07 Filings item- Psychiatrists and Religion Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/04/07 Article- Brethren, We Need Each Other SharperIron Church & Ministry, In The Nick of Time
09/03/07 Filings item- Tony Snow On Cancer Pastor Joe Roof Filings
09/03/07 Article- Roads That Lead to Christian Burnout, Part 3 SharperIron Christian Living, Burnout
08/31/07 Filings item- Colorado Student Sues Over Denial of Right to Speak of Jesus Dan Burrell Filings