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04/10/17 Filings item- Hank Hanegraaff (a.k.a. "the Bible Answer Man") Received Into the Orthodox Church Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Hank Hanegraaff, Eastern Orthodox
04/10/17 Forum topic- Communicating Criticism to Other Leaders Practical Points
04/10/17 Filings item- UK Church Encourages Worshipers to Send Prayers by Text Message Church & Ministry in General Technology
04/10/17 Filings item- Museum of the Bible: Previewing the soon-to-open landmark Society, Culture & Politics Museum of the Bible
04/10/17 Article- The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem Preaching & Leadership C. H. Spurgeon, Sermons, Triumphal Entry
04/09/17 Forum topic- Defining Modesty Theology & Methodology
04/09/17 Event- ACCC Annual Convention 2017
04/07/17 Filings item- The Bible is in 87% of American Households Society, Culture & Politics American Culture, Religious Trends, Bible Reading
04/07/17 Filings item- Senate Stops Democrats From Blocking Gorsuch; to Be Confirmed Friday Society, Culture & Politics Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court
04/07/17 Filings item- Naive Child Travelled All The Way To Heaven But Forgot To Try The Potato Salad Other Issues & Controversies Humor, Satire
04/07/17 Article- Dispensationalism 101: Part 2 - Covenental Thought Theology & Methodology Dispensationalism, Covenant Theology
04/06/17 Filings item- Above Reproach Christian Living Ethics, integrity
04/06/17 Filings item- Surveying Sex, Denying Childhood Society, Culture & Politics christian life, Culture
04/06/17 Filings item- Judge OKs “genderless” designation Society, Culture & Politics Gender Identity, Court Rulings
04/06/17 Filings item- TGC celebrates Reformation's 500th anniversary Church & Ministry in General TGC, Reformation
04/06/17 Article- From the Archives: Musings from a Country Cemetery Christian Living Death, Meaning of Life
04/05/17 Filings item- Yes, the gender wage gap is still a myth—and a potentially dangerous one Work, Business, Science, Tech Economics, Feminism, Money
04/05/17 Article- Why Church Planting Should Not Be Funded Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Church Planting
04/04/17 Filings item- New Barna Report: Growing Number of Americans "Love Jesus" but Don't Go to Church Church & Ministry in General Church Attendance, American Culture, Religious Trends, Barna Research
04/04/17 Article- "Replacement Theology" - Is It Wrong to Use the Term? (Part 2) Theology & Methodology Replacement Theology, Series - Replacement, Covenant Theology
04/03/17 Filings item- The Sword of the Lord, Really The Scoop Shovel of Revivalism Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism The Sword of the Lord
04/03/17 Filings item- Study: "high school seniors' thinking about a husband's authority and divisions of labor at home has since become substantially more traditional." Home & Family Family, Gender Roles
04/03/17 Poll- How often and how severely do you struggle with depression? Practical Points
04/03/17 Filings item- Did the Holy Spirit Dwell in Old Testament Believers? Or Should We Be Asking Something Else? Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Holy Spirit, Old Testament
04/03/17 Filings item- Would Someone Please Rein in Some of the “Young Calvinists?” Theology & Methodology Roger Olson, Young, Young Restless Reformed
04/03/17 Filings item- Clarity or Ambiguity? (John 1:13) English Bible Text Debate Bible Translation
04/03/17 Filings item- Ideological Odd Couple Robby George, Cornel West Fight Campus Intolerance Education Higher Education, Campus Intolerance, Free Speech
04/03/17 Filings item- Australia finds no proof its World Vision aid went to Hamas Other Issues & Controversies World Vision, Hamas
04/03/17 Article- Jesus and the Strong Man (Mk 3:22-30) Bible Passages Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark
04/02/17 Filings item- A Manifesto On Hard-Believism Theology & Methodology Easy-Believism