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04/18/17 Filings item- The Achilles Heel of the New Perspective on Paul Theology & Methodology NPP, Justification
04/18/17 Filings item- What We Gained When We Lost Our Hymnals Worship & Music Music, Worship
04/18/17 Filings item- Why I’m Still Here Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism FFBI, Mark Ward
04/18/17 Filings item- NPR Debate Smackdown: Truth vs. 'Pro-Choice' Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Debate, Podcast
04/18/17 Filings item- Does All Rational Thought Involve ‘Faith’? Other Issues & Controversies Reason, Faith, Clear Thinking
04/18/17 Article- The Disappearing Middle Class in Christian Higher Education, Part 1 Education Higher Education, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
04/17/17 Forum topic- Evangelism Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
04/17/17 Filings item- FBFI "Why we are still here" Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism FBFI
04/17/17 Filings item- Church Can Start Its Own Police Force, Alabama Senate Says Church & Ministry in General Police, Megachurches
04/17/17 Article- Jesus Conquers the Storm (Mk 4:35-41) Bible Passages Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark
04/16/17 Filings item- IRS Can't Tax Churches, But Fake Ones Can Trigger Tax Evasion Charges Society, Culture & Politics Taxes
04/16/17 Filings item- What's in a name? Churches trade old names for new, younger members Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Church Names, Branding
04/16/17 Article- Ye Humble Souls That Seek the Lord Christian Living Worship, Easter
04/15/17 Filings item- He Descended into Hell? Theology & Methodology Easter
04/14/17 Article- At-One-Ment by Propitiation Theology & Methodology Series - The Fundamentals, Atonement, The Cross
04/13/17 Forum topic- Do I need to speak to the church leadership? Theology & Methodology
04/13/17 Filings item- Lawsuit: Missions $$ used to muscle McRaney Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism NAMB, Will McRaney
04/13/17 Filings item- Saeed Abedini: "Spirit of Jezebel" took all my money Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Pastor Saeed Abedini, Saeed Abedini
04/13/17 Filings item- The Greek Orthodox Answer Man? Theology & Methodology Eastern Orthodox
04/13/17 Filings item- Atheists Are More Likely to Believe in Aliens. Why? Society, Culture & Politics Aliens, Atheism
04/13/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Luther on Baptism Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday
04/12/17 Filings item- Words Mean Things — Including the Word 'Christian' Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Dan Phillips, American Christianity
04/12/17 Filings item- Barna’s Mythical Creature: The Church-Rejecting Jesus-Lover Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Barna, Dan Phillips
04/12/17 Filings item- 25 strange things said to the Pastor Other Issues & Controversies News of the Weird
04/12/17 Filings item- Vermont doctors win victory to resist assisted suicide Society, Culture & Politics Vermont, Bioethics, Assisted Suicide
04/12/17 Filings item- Alabama Senate votes to allow church to form police dept Society, Culture & Politics Church security
04/12/17 Filings item- How fights over Trump have led evangelicals to leave their churches Church & Ministry in General Donald Trump, Evangelicals
04/12/17 Filings item- Pew: Global restrictions on religion rose slightly in 2015 Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends, Religious Liberty
04/12/17 Article- "Replacement Theology" - Is It Wrong to Use the Term? (Part 3) Theology & Methodology Replacement Theology, Series - Replacement, Hermeneutics
04/11/17 Article- Is It Time to Bring Back the Original Sunday School? Education Sunday School, Education, Literacy