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07/24/17 Article- The King from the Far Country TylerR Theology & Methodology Kingdom of God
07/22/17 Filings item- Gallup: 20% fewer Protestants identify with a denomination Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends, Gallup
07/21/17 Article- Is Romanism Christianity? SharperIron Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism, The Gospel, Series - The Fundamentals
07/20/17 Filings item- Apple iPhone Evolved Naturally Over Billions Of Years, Experts Now Believe TylerR Theology & Methodology Evolution, Creation
07/20/17 Filings item- Marco Rubio Is Tweeting the Most Republican Part of the Bible Jim Society, Culture & Politics Proverbs, Marco Rubio, Twitter
07/20/17 Filings item- 21 Theses on Submission in Marriage Jim Theology & Methodology Submission in Marriage, Submission, Marriage
07/20/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Much Grammar & Syntax Signifying Nothing TylerR Theology & Methodology Koine Greek, exegesis
07/19/17 Filings item- The Differences Between Exegesis and Exposition TylerR Preaching & Leadership Expository Preaching
07/19/17 Article- Forty Reasons for Not Reinterpreting the OT by the NT: The Last Twenty Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology NT Use of OT, Hermeneutics
07/18/17 Filings item- Ten Roadblocks to Church Revitalization TylerR Church & Ministry in General Church & Ministry
07/18/17 Filings item- You Might Still Be a Fundamentalist Even If… TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Politics, Fundamentalism
07/18/17 Filings item- Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Evangelicalism, Robert Jefress
07/18/17 Filings item- Oregon to make abortion coverage free for all Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion. Oregon
07/18/17 Article- From the Archives: What Does "Reformed" Mean? Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Reformed Theology, reformed baptists, Young Restless Reformed
07/17/17 Filings item- When 1980s Satanic Panic Targeted Procter & Gamble Jim Other Issues & Controversies Procter & Gamble, Amway
07/17/17 Filings item- How to Do Ministry When You Don’t Have Money TylerR Church & Ministry in General Evangelism
07/17/17 Filings item- As Jesus Sees It . . . TylerR Church & Ministry in General Church Life, Ecclesiology
07/17/17 Filings item- The Church of England’s Nietzschean Proposal TylerR Society, Culture & Politics transgender issues
07/17/17 Filings item- Actually, Eugene Peterson Does Not Support Same-Sex Marriage Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Eugene Peterson
07/17/17 Article- Fullness of Joy: The OT and the Afterlife (Part 2) TylerR Theology & Methodology Afterlife
07/16/17 Filings item- Seven Myths Perpetuated by Missions People Jim Church & Ministry in General Missions, Missions Myths
07/16/17 Filings item- Facebook Cannot Replace Your Church Jim Theology & Methodology Facebook
07/14/17 Filings item- Coca-Cola sued health risks of sugar-sweetened beverages Jim Other Issues & Controversies Coca-Cola
07/14/17 Filings item- Study: More than one in three Democrats in America (36 percent) see churches’ impact on society as negative. Jim Society, Culture & Politics Democratic Party
07/14/17 Filings item- Hank Hanegraaff Must Step Down After Converting to Eastern Orthodoxy: CRI Founder's Family Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Hank Hanegraaff, Christian Research Institute
07/14/17 Filings item- Democratic lawmakers file article of impeachment for Trump Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump, Impreachment
07/14/17 Article- Forty Reasons for Not Reinterpreting the OT by the NT: The First Twenty Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Hermeneutics, Covenant Theology, NT Use of OT
07/13/17 Filings item- Scientists Replay Movie Encoded in DNA Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Science, Technology, DNA
07/13/17 Filings item- Is There “Power in the Blood?” Thoughts about the Blood of Jesus TylerR Theology & Methodology blood of Jesus
07/13/17 Filings item- LifeWay Prepared to Stop Selling "The Message" Over Eugene Peterson’s LGBT Comments Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies LifeWay, Eugene Peterson