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10/25/18 Filings item- Prophet Elijah Criticized For Not Being More Seeker-Friendly TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Satire, Evangelism Models
10/26/18 Filings item- Regeneration Precedes Faith TylerR Theology & Methodology Reformed Theology, R.C. Sproul
10/26/18 Filings item- How To Have Elders Without Actually Having Elders TylerR Theology & Methodology Church Polity, Elders
10/31/18 Filings item- Ken Ham—The Man Everyone Loves to Hate TylerR Education Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis
11/01/18 Filings item- Local Family Looks Forward To New Church Solving All Their Problems TylerR Christian Living Satire
11/01/18 Filings item- Tom Schreiner on Andy Stanley and "Unhitching" the Old Testament TylerR Theology & Methodology Dispensationalism, Tom Schreiner, Andy Stanley
11/13/18 Filings item- The danger of preaching biblical truth, yet missing Christ TylerR Preaching & Leadership Expository Preaching
11/13/18 Filings item- Reformed Pastor Completes Brief 47-Year-Long Sermon Series On Book Of Romans TylerR Preaching & Leadership Expository Preaching, Satire
11/14/18 Filings item- PCA, R.I.P. TylerR Society, Culture & Politics PCA, Revoice
11/14/18 Filings item- LXX Reader's Edition TylerR Theology & Methodology LXX
11/15/18 Filings item- Landscaper Accidentally Trims Church's Hedge Of Protection TylerR Church & Ministry in General Satire
11/19/18 Filings item- ACCC Resolution Against Hillsong TylerR Worship & Music Hillsong, CCM
11/19/18 Filings item- Some Reflections from the ETS Annual Meeting TylerR Theology & Methodology ETS
11/20/18 Filings item- Calvinist Researchers Complete Development Of Elect Detector TylerR Theology & Methodology Satire, Calvinism
12/03/18 Filings item- New Book: Burying White Privilege TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing
12/08/18 Filings item- New Book: To the Praise of His Glory - A Biography of the Cederholms TylerR Church & Biblical History Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Maranatha Baptist University, Cederholm
12/09/18 Filings item- Hundreds of sex abuse allegations found in fundamental Baptist churches across U.S. TylerR Christian Living Sexual Abuse
12/18/18 Filings item- Online Divinity Degrees: Two-Dimensional Preparation for a Three-Dimensional World TylerR Education Online Education, Seminary
12/28/18 Filings item- A Lost Epistle of Paul TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Michael Svigel, Satire
01/10/19 Filings item- Don't Be Afraid to Repeat Yourself TylerR Preaching & Leadership Preaching
01/12/19 Filings item- Talk: The State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses TylerR Education Christian Education, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Higher Education
01/18/19 Filings item- Are You Open to Spiritual Gifts? TylerR Theology & Methodology Sign Gifts, Charismatics
01/24/19 Filings item- Mark Ward's "Authorized:" The Film! TylerR English Bible Text Debate KJV-Only, Mark Ward, Authorized
02/10/19 Filings item- 20 Years, 700 Victims in SBC Churches TylerR Preaching & Leadership Sexual Abuse
02/11/19 Filings item- What Has Happened to the Evangelical Christianity of Not Long Ago? TylerR Christian Living Roger Olson, contemporary christianity
02/11/19 Filings item- It’s time to rethink our assumptions about where theological education happens TylerR Education Seminary, Pastoral Education
02/12/19 Filings item- Baptist Bulletin Podcast: What is a Regular Baptist? TylerR Church & Biblical History Regular Baptist, GARBC, Cultural Fundamentalism
02/15/19 Filings item- How ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Subverts the Bible TylerR Church & Ministry in General Creeds and Confessions, Systematic Theology
02/20/19 Filings item- Does the Bible Support Female Deacons? Yes. TylerR Church & Ministry in General Deacons
02/20/19 Filings item- Does the Bible Support Female Deacons? No. TylerR Church & Ministry in General Deacons