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04/03/17 Filings item- Would Someone Please Rein in Some of the “Young Calvinists?” TylerR Theology & Methodology Roger Olson, Young, Young Restless Reformed
04/06/17 Filings item- Surveying Sex, Denying Childhood TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Christian Life, Culture
04/06/17 Filings item- Above Reproach TylerR Christian Living Ethics, Integrity
04/13/17 Filings item- The Greek Orthodox Answer Man? TylerR Theology & Methodology Eastern Orthodox
04/18/17 Filings item- What We Gained When We Lost Our Hymnals TylerR Worship & Music Music, Worship
04/18/17 Filings item- The Achilles Heel of the New Perspective on Paul TylerR Theology & Methodology NPP, Justification
04/19/17 Filings item- On Preaching and the Public Invitation System TylerR Preaching & Leadership Invitations
04/19/17 Filings item- You Can’t Love Missions without Loving the Local Church TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions, Local Church
04/20/17 Filings item- Two Proposed Revisions to The Baptist Faith and Message TylerR Theology & Methodology BFM 2000, Creeds and Confessions
04/24/17 Filings item- What Does It Mean to Be “Catholic?” TylerR Theology & Methodology catholicity, Universal Church
04/25/17 Filings item- Central Seminary - Distance Education TylerR Education Central Baptist Theological Seminary, distance education
04/25/17 Filings item- Three Ingredients for an Evangelistic Church Culture TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Evangelism
04/26/17 Filings item- Must Every Christian Evangelize? TylerR Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Evangelism
04/28/17 Filings item- Maranatha Announces New Team Member TylerR Education Maranatha Baptist University
05/01/17 Filings item- Memories of 1950s/1960s American Evangelical Culture TylerR Christian Living Christian Living
05/02/17 Filings item- Brave New World TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Political Philosophy
05/03/17 Filings item- When Two Bible Translations Disagree, Which One Is Right? TylerR Bible Passages Bible Translation, Bible Study, Original Languages
05/08/17 Filings item- 5 Dead Baptist Theologians Every Pastor Should Read TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Reading, Education
05/08/17 Filings item- What Is a “Just” Man? (Matt 1:19) TylerR Bible Passages Bible Translation
05/10/17 Filings item- Why Pastors Should Use a Different Greek Text TylerR Theology & Methodology Greek New Testament
05/12/17 Filings item- To Err is Humorous (2017 Edition) TylerR Education Seminary
05/12/17 Filings item- Salvation by Faith, or Allegiance Alone? TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Salvation, faith alone
05/16/17 Filings item- Why You Will Join the Wrong Church TylerR Church & Ministry in General Church Polity
05/16/17 Filings item- Universalist Looking For Doctor Who Affirms All Treatments Lead To Same Cure TylerR Christian Living Satire, Babylon Bee
05/17/17 Filings item- A Spectator in Your Church TylerR Christian Living Ecclesiology, Church Membership
05/23/17 Filings item- 16 Ways to Find a Wife According to the Bible TylerR Christian Living Marriage, Courtship/Dating
05/24/17 Filings item- ISIS Lays Down Arms After Katy Perry’s Impassioned Plea To ‘Like, Just Co-Exist’ TylerR Christian Living Satire, Babylon Bee
05/26/17 Filings item- Bible College Freshman Provides Pastor With 90 Pages Of Helpful Notes After Sermon TylerR Preaching & Leadership Satire
05/30/17 Filings item- Rapture: It's No Secret TylerR Theology & Methodology Rapture, Dispensationalism
05/30/17 Filings item- Can Our Universities Be Saved? TylerR Education Higher Education