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06/18/19 Filings item- Your housing allowance is safe for the forseeable future SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Money, Pastoral Finances, Church Finance, Clergy Housing Allowance
06/18/19 Filings item- The FAQs: What Christians Should Know About Vaccines SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Vaccination, Anti-Vaccination, Health
06/18/19 Filings item- Christian song "Sing Hallelujah to the Lord" figures prominently in Hong Kong protests SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Hong Kong, Christian Music
06/18/19 Filings item- Panel examines women's role in Southern Baptist Convention SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Women's Ministry, Gender Roles, Leadership, SBC
06/18/19 Forum topic- An Open Letter To Beth Moore Craig Toliver Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
06/18/19 Filings item- Justice Clarence Thomas slams the precedent worship, is itching to overturn Roe SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, U.S. Constitution
06/19/19 Article- The Church Treasurer: Reporting, Credit Cards, and Other Tips Jim Church & Ministry in General Series - Treasurer, Church Finance, Money, Technology
06/19/19 Filings item- “Congress now needs to step up and modernize the Family Movie Act to make sure that the courts understand this type of filtering” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Movies, Entertainment, Family Life, VidAngel
06/19/19 Filings item- Is the CSB Suitable for Expository Preaching? SI Filings English Bible Text Debate English Bible Translations, Holman Christian Standard Bible, Expository Preaching
06/19/19 Filings item- 2019 FBFI Annual Fellowship – Audio SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism FBFI
06/19/19 Filings item- Why Many Are Not Leaving: The Bright Future of Independent Baptists SI Filings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Independent Fundamental Baptist, Baptist Associations
06/19/19 Filings item- 12 Things Parents of Mentally Strong Children Don’t Do SI Filings Home & Family Parenting, Character
06/20/19 Article- From the Archives – Toward Arguing Better Aaron Blumer Christian Living Debate, Clear Thinking, Argumentation, Thinking
06/20/19 Filings item- Quebec's 'secularism police' bill unites Muslim, Christians, and more SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Secularism, Quebec, Religious Liberty, Canada
06/20/19 Filings item- Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Gender and Sexuality News Roundup SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, Sexual Ethics, Gender Roles
06/20/19 Filings item- UN launches plan to combat escalating hate speech SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Hate, Hate Crimes
06/20/19 Filings item- Should Pastors Admit They Struggle with Depression? SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Leadership, Depression, Discouragement
06/20/19 Filings item- God’s Surprising Work Through Your Worst Critics SI Filings Christian Living Criticism, Listening, Wisdom
06/20/19 Poll- How Seriously Do You Struggle with Depression? Ed Vasicek Christian Living
06/20/19 Forum topic- Modesty (skin exposure) J Johnson Theology & Methodology
06/21/19 Article- Illustrations in Preaching, Part 4 SharperIron Preaching & Leadership C. H. Spurgeon, Preaching, Sermon Illustrations, Series - CHS Illustrations
06/21/19 Filings item- Pope Francis and the climate change confusion SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Pope Francis, Climate Change, Poverty
06/21/19 Filings item- “Secular government is breaking its promise of liberty, and the American church is breaking its promise of virtue.” SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Evangelicals
06/21/19 Filings item- Major Shift: Liberty Lays Off a Dozen Divinity School Faculty SI Filings Education Liberty University, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Higher Education
06/21/19 Filings item- Christian daredevil Nik Wallenda to "walk tightrope in faith"? SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Faith, Entertainment, Folly
06/21/19 Filings item- FBI offers faith-based institutions resources to prevent attacks SI Filings Church & Ministry in General Church Security, Church Shootings, Mass Shootings
06/21/19 Filings item- Supreme Court: Peace Cross Gets to Stay, But Not Because It’s ‘Secular’ SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Supreme Court, Secularism, Religious Liberty
06/21/19 Filings item- Tributes to Rolland D. McCune TylerR Christian Living Rolland McCune
06/22/19 Forum topic- The Revelation of Jesus Christ MF Other Issues & Controversies
06/22/19 Forum topic- compensation MF Preaching & Leadership