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09/09/19 Filings item- Baptist College Handbook Authorizes ‘Full Access’ to Students’ Social Media Accounts SI Filings Education Social Media, Higher Education, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
09/09/19 Filings item- Surprise... The shameful campaign against Kavanaugh was motivated by Roe v. Wade all along SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Brett Kavanaugh, Roe v. Wade, Abortion
09/10/19 Filings item- From Sussex, England, to New England, Gender Activists Are Losing SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Gender Politics, Gender Identity, Sexual Ethics
09/10/19 Filings item- Organic Food, Essential Oils, and the Gospel of Grace SI Filings Christian Living Health, Dietary Obsessions
09/10/19 Filings item- "...we’ve been told that so-called fusionist conservatism—the synthesis of traditional Christianity and individual liberty—is dead." SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Conservatism, Political Philosophy, Nationalism, Freedom
09/10/19 Filings item- Handling Controversy With Rules of Persuasion SI Filings Christian Living Debate, Clear Thinking, Public Discourse, Persuasion
09/11/19 Filings item- The fake news police: Who fact-checks Facebook’s fact-checkers? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Facebook, Technology, Social Media
09/11/19 Filings item- Pastors face questions after selling church property and buying million dollar lakefront home SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Ethics, Church Leadership, Money
09/11/19 Filings item- Are Christians in a culture war, and if so, what should they do about it? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Cultural Engagement, American Culture, Books
09/11/19 Filings item- Patriots’ Ben Watson Tells Media to ‘Stop Lying’ about Brees, Focus on the Family SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Focus on the Family, Drew Brees, Anti-Christian Bigotry
09/11/19 Filings item- “In my nearly 4 decades of ministry I’ve seen too many families torn apart, marriages disintegrate, children hurt, and untold damage caused because of the exercise of this 'freedom in Christ'” Aaron Blumer Christian Living Alcohol, Total Abstinence, Christian Liberty
09/12/19 Filings item- Is There Any Heavenly Good in Our Earthly Labor? SI Filings Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work
09/12/19 Filings item- The problem of living inside echo chambers SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Intellectual Growth, Clear Thinking, Epistemology
09/12/19 Filings item- “I told my students to use 'Baptist' if it was an advantage and to not use it if it was a disadvantage.” SI Filings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Church Planting, Church Names
09/12/19 Filings item- A Pastor Dies By Suicide: Three Things We All Need to Know SI Filings Christian Living Suicide, Pastoral Leadership, Pastoral Failure
09/12/19 Filings item- Jerry Falwell Jr's Aides Break Their Silence SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Jerry Falwell Jr.
09/13/19 Filings item- Evangelicals Who Distrust Muslims Likely Don’t Know Muslims SI Filings Christian Living Xenophobia, Islamophobia, Muslims
09/13/19 Filings item- Is faith in politics “another Gospel”? SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Church & State, Martin Luther, The Law, Idolatry
09/13/19 Filings item- Thousands of Swedes Are Implanting Microchips into Their Hands – “Sign of the Antichrist?” SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Technology, Bioethics, Mark of the Beast
09/13/19 Filings item- 5 incredible revelations from this week’s abortion hearing in California SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, California, Bioethics
09/13/19 Filings item- Veggie Tales Reboot, but with the Gospel This Time SI Filings Other Issues & Controversies Television, Veggie Tales
09/14/19 Filings item- Updated: Michael D. Aeschliman’s 1983 book, “The Restoration of Man: C. S. Lewis and the Continuing Case against Scientism” Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Scientism, Idolatry, C.S. Lewis, Books
09/14/19 Filings item- Doug Wilson's broadside against David French and ... whatever it is he thinks French believes Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Doug Wilson, David French, Religious Liberty
09/16/19 Filings item- Correction from the Pulpit or In Person? SI Filings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Leadership, Preaching, Confrontation
09/16/19 Filings item- Is American Christianity on Its Last Legs? The Data Say Otherwise. SI Filings Books, Reading & Writing Religious Trends, American Christianity, Books
09/16/19 Filings item- When You Want to Stay at Home with Kids But Can’t SI Filings Home & Family Parenting, Family Life, Money, Affluence
09/16/19 Filings item- What Not To Say at the Beginning of a Worship Service SI Filings Worship & Music Worship, Popular Culture
09/16/19 Filings item- Duke University’s student government rejects Young Life over LGBTQ policies SI Filings Education LGBTQ, Anti-Christian Bigotry, Higher Education
09/17/19 Filings item- Brush & Nib Studio v. City of Philadelphia: Arizona Supreme Court delivers a victory against government-compelled speech SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Freedom of Speech, Religious Liberty, Gay Marriage
09/17/19 Filings item- The cosmic battle for economics: Toppling ideological idols with Christian wisdom SI Filings Society, Culture & Politics Economics, Worldview, Books