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02/11/08 Filings item- Cedarville Cancels Shane Claiborne Lecture Tonight Pastor Joe Roof Filings
02/11/08 Article- Why Am I So Angry? SharperIron Christian Living, Anger
02/08/08 Filings item- Dobson Endorses Huckabee Dan Burrell Filings
02/08/08 Article- What Is Modesty? mebrock Christian Living, Books & Publishing, Modesty
02/07/08 Filings item- Archbishop of Canterbury Suggests British Integration of Islamic Sharia Law Dan Burrell Filings
02/07/08 Article- Book Review: Misquoting Truth Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Nonfiction
02/06/08 Article- What It Takes to Survive in a Fierce World Jeff Brown Christian Living
02/05/08 Article- Fundamentalists and Scholarship, Part 5 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
02/04/08 Article- How Bach Used the "Devil's Music" GregHowlett Christian Living, Music
02/01/08 Article- The Baptist Preacher in the Rexburg Idaho Temple Todd Wood Mormonism
01/31/08 Filings item- PCC Launches Rejoice Music Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/31/08 Article- Book Review: God's Harvard Eric L Books & Publishing, Christian Colleges & Seminaries, Education
01/30/08 Filings item- Dr. Joseph Stowell, III Named New President of Cornerstone University Dan Burrell Filings
01/30/08 Filings item- LU Student's Faith and School Choice Raises Questions With Older Sister Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/30/08 Filings item- Number of Creation Museum Visitors Exceeds Expectations Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/30/08 Filings item- Enraged Copeland Pledges "Holy War" Over Inquiry Into Ministry Finances Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/30/08 Article- Book Review: Schulz and Peanuts Douglas K. Kutilek Books & Publishing
01/29/08 Filings item- Gift Enables Faith Baptist Bible College to Add New Programs Adam Blumer Filings
01/29/08 Article- Fundamentalists and Scholarship, Part 4 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
01/28/08 Article- Persevering in Our Priorities Doug Smith Christian Living
01/25/08 Filings item- Kregel Publications Announces Fall Release Of SI Editor's Novel Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/25/08 Article- Submissive Christians Proclaim the Gospel Pastor Joe Roof Christian Living, Evangelism, Missions
01/24/08 Article- Book Review: Turn Away Wrath Jack Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Anger
01/23/08 Filings item- John Piper Responds mebrock Filings, Islam
01/23/08 Article- Spurgeon on Wine in the Bible Douglas K. Kutilek Christian Living, Church History
01/22/08 Article- Fundamentalists and Scholarship, Part 3 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
01/21/08 Filings item- New Blog at Shepherd Press mebrock Filings
01/21/08 Article- "The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment" Blog Tour SharperIron Christian Living, Books & Publishing, Current Issues
01/18/08 Filings item- Linscott Family To Serve in MN Pastor Joe Roof Filings
01/18/08 Article- The Wrong Hero Beth M Christian Living