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03/25/09 Filings item- Nightline "Does Satan Exist" Debate Described By Mars Hill Church Member Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings, Current Issues
03/25/09 Filings item- Conservative Colorado Church Loses Building To Episcopal Diocese Greg Linscott Protestantism, Filings
03/25/09 Filings item- "The sudden rise of profaneness in the pulpit over the past 3 years is one of the things that has driven me to rethink how freely we ought to indulge in hard-edged humor." Greg Linscott Culture, Filings, Current Issues
03/25/09 Article- Biblical Authority in Matters of Faith and Practice, Part 1 Scott Aniol Christian Living, Music
03/24/09 Filings item- California Conservative Leader Joins Democratic Party Greg Linscott Politics, Filings
03/24/09 Filings item- Too busy to pray? For a fee, a computer will do it for you Greg Linscott Filings, There Are No Words
03/24/09 Filings item- "If American history is any guide to the American present, we are on the edge of a great revival of traditional Christianity." Greg Linscott Evangelicalism, Filings
03/24/09 Filings item- UK Government to Parents: Don’t Teach Your Kids Sexual Morality Greg Linscott Promiscuity, Filings, Current Issues
03/24/09 Filings item- Bill Would Allow Texas School to Grant Master's Degree in Science for Creationism Greg Linscott Filings, Creation
03/24/09 Article- Ecclesiastical Separation Robert Delnay Separation, Fundamentalism
03/23/09 Filings item- Rolland McCune's Systematic Theology Now Available Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Filings, Fundamentalism
03/23/09 Page- About Filings SharperIron
03/23/09 Article- Refiners' Club Meeting Aaron Blumer SharperIron
03/23/09 Filings item- "We just cannot find an association between more condom use and lower HIV reduction rates." Greg Linscott Filings, Health and Medicine, Current Issues
03/23/09 Filings item- The Stained-Glass Ceiling Greg Linscott Filings, Current Issues
03/23/09 Filings item- "...I here publicly record my request that evangelicals write commentaries for the believing and confessing pastors who actually buy and use them--not the scholars who get a free copy for review..." Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Filings, Bibliology
03/23/09 Article- Understanding Conservative Christianity, Part 7 Kevin T. Bauder In The Nick of Time
03/22/09 Filings item- "But spring shall certainly succeed, And all their former life renew." Greg Linscott Filings, On The First Day of the Week...
03/21/09 Filings item- ESV Study Bible Named ECPA Book of the Year Greg Linscott Books & Publishing, Nonfiction, Filings
03/21/09 Filings item- Home Schooling as Consecration Greg Linscott Filings, Current Issues, Education
03/21/09 Filings item- The Delay of Marriage and the Decline of Church Attendance Greg Linscott Filings, Church & Ministry, Current Issues
03/20/09 Page- Writing for SharperIron SharperIron
03/20/09 Filings item- Who's Mocking What? Greg Linscott Filings, Humor
03/20/09 Filings item- Infant Baptism As Sin Greg Linscott Filings, Baptism, Current Issues
03/20/09 Article- An Apologia for the 24-Hour Day Creation View, Part 1 Bob McCabe Front page article archive Evolution, Genesis, Creation
03/19/09 Filings item- Churches adopting point-click hymnal Greg Linscott Music, Filings
03/19/09 Filings item- What I CAN and CANNOT Live With as a Pastor Greg Linscott Filings, Pastors, Current Issues
03/19/09 Filings item- Creation Museum Opens Exhibit to Promote Natural Selection Greg Linscott Filings, Creation, Current Issues
03/19/09 Article- Book Review: Practical Theology for Women Beth M Christian Living, Nonfiction
03/18/09 Filings item- U.S. Signs On To U.N. Document Endorsing Homosexuality Greg Linscott Homosexuality, Filings