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01/16/09 Filings item- "But the people who go to church get told every Sunday, `We forgive.' He was not forgiven." SharperIron Filings, Current Issues
01/16/09 Filings item- "Be warned: God is not running for office, and heaven is not a democracy." SharperIron Culture, Filings, Current Issues
01/16/09 Article- All You Really Need Is "Heart"? Part 2 Aaron Blumer Christian Living
01/15/09 Filings item- "Are people blaming the devil or themselves for bad times?" SharperIron Filings, Current Issues
01/15/09 Filings item- Federal Judge Rejects Atheist Challenge To Inaugural Prayer SharperIron Politics, Filings, Current Issues
01/15/09 Filings item- Warren Applauds Invitation to Homosexual Bishop SharperIron Homosexuality, Politics, Filings
01/15/09 Filings item- "...(T)here turned out to be something engaging about a man living the life I wanted the courage to live." SharperIron Filings, Church History
01/15/09 Filings item- Matt Olson states NBBC's position on translations, music, dress, fundamentalism, and Calvinism. SharperIron Filings
01/15/09 Filings item- Popcorn in the Pews SharperIron Filings
01/15/09 Filings item- The Consequences of Technology SharperIron Filings, Technology
01/15/09 Article- Book Review: Light from the Christian East Joseph Books & Publishing, Ecclesiology, Theology
01/14/09 Filings item- Dungy and His Faith SharperIron Filings, Current Issues
01/14/09 Filings item- Ask a Mormon... SharperIron Mormonism, Filings, Current Issues
01/14/09 Article- What Would Jesus Do? Warren Vanhetloo Christian Living
01/13/09 Filings item- Campus Crusade Launches HIV/AIDS Outreach With Campus Gay-Lesbian Group SharperIron Homosexuality, Filings
01/13/09 Filings item- Hamilton, Garlock, & Binney Becoming Established at Pastors' School In Hammond SharperIron Filings, Fundamentalism, Current Issues
01/13/09 Filings item- Judge Rules Prayer In School Events to be Violations of First Amendment SharperIron Filings, Current Issues
01/13/09 Filings item- Stocks Squeeze Seminaries SharperIron Filings, Current Issues, Education
01/13/09 Filings item- John 3:16 in Pop Culture SharperIron Culture, Filings
01/13/09 Filings item- The Birth Control Pill Condemned By Its Inventor SharperIron Contraception, Filings, Current Issues
01/13/09 Filings item- Taking A Missions Trip... Online SharperIron Filings, Technology, Internet
01/13/09 Article- Directions in Evangelicalism, Part 3 Kevin T. Bauder Evangelicalism, In The Nick of Time
01/12/09 Filings item- Obama Inauguration Becoming Quite The Ecumenical Affair SharperIron Homosexuality, Filings, Rick Warren
01/12/09 Filings item- Homeschooling Numbers Climb 36% Since 2003 SharperIron Filings, Education
01/12/09 Filings item- CCEF Publishing a Blog SharperIron Filings, Counseling
01/12/09 Filings item- Baptists and Muslims Together SharperIron Filings, Islam, There Are No Words
01/12/09 Filings item- Five Things the Church Needs to Know About Technological Change SharperIron Filings, Technology
01/12/09 Filings item- "...(T)he gospels of Driscoll and LaTondresse are more about being different from the religious generation that came before than about being like Christ." SharperIron Filings, Current Issues
01/12/09 Filings item- Covered By Snow SharperIron Filings
01/12/09 Filings item- Who Shepherds the Shepherd? SharperIron Filings, Current Issues