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05/25/18 Filings item- Irish Times exit poll projects Ireland has voted by landslide to change the constitution to legalize abortion Jim Society, Culture & Politics Ireland, Abortion
05/25/18 Filings item- Phil Johnson: The Root of the Matter Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Phil Johnson, Worldliness
05/25/18 Filings item- The Bee Explains: What Is The Prosperity Gospel? Jim Society, Culture & Politics Prosperity Gospel, Babylon Bee
05/27/18 Filings item- Change of ownership at the Babylon Bee. Adam Ford's new venture - Christian Daily Reporter Jim Books, Reading & Writing Babylon Bee, Christian Daily Reporter
05/27/18 Filings item- Fuller Seminary to Leave Pasadena Campus. A challenging new landscape for Christian graduate education forces major moves Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fuller Seminary, Higher Education, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
05/27/18 Filings item- The Mark Fragment TylerR Theology & Methodology Textual Criticism
05/29/18 Filings item- Memorial Day Reflections, 2018 Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Memorial Day
05/29/18 Filings item- "This week marks the anniversary of the publication of the one of the most influential books on the debate of creationism versus evolutionism." Aaron Blumer Church & Biblical History Creation, Evolution, Books
05/29/18 Filings item- California appeals court refuses to block ruling overturning aid in dying law Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Bioethics, Assisted Suicide, California, Sanctity of Life
05/29/18 Filings item- ‘The Faith of Donald J. Trump’: A Book Review Jim Society, Culture & Politics Donald Trump
05/29/18 Filings item- Golden State Bible College President on administrative leave over allegations of 'inappropriate conduct' Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Golden State Bible College, Cameron Giovanelli
05/29/18 Filings item- Jesse Duplantis, Destrehan televangelist, seeks donations for $54 million jet Jim Society, Culture & Politics Jesse Duplantis, Jets, Prosperity Gospel
05/29/18 Filings item- On Affirming the Dignity of Women and the Holiness of Ministers: A Resolution Submitted to the 2018 SBC Committee on Resolutions Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Southern Baptist Convention
05/29/18 Filings item- Association of Certified Biblical Counselors has decided to not hold fall conference at Southwestern Seminary Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, ACBC, Paige Patterson
05/30/18 Filings item- After Abortion Vote, Is Ireland Still Catholic? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Ireland, Roman Catholicism
05/30/18 Filings item- NYTimes: The Baptist Apocalypse Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Baptist Identity
05/31/18 Filings item- Psychologist: Rejecting Values and Responsibility Was a Big Mistake Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Psychology, Morality, Ethics, Millennials
05/31/18 Filings item- SWBTS: Paige Patterson terminated ‘effective immediately’ Aaron Blumer Education Paige Patterson, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
05/31/18 Filings item- A plaintiff recalls a pregnancy center’s journey to the Supreme Court, as we await a flurry of June decisions Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Pregnancy Centers, California, Supreme Court
05/31/18 Filings item- Trump to pardon D'Souza Jim Society, Culture & Politics Dinesh D’Souza
05/31/18 Filings item- Phil Johnson: Regarding "Sexual Orientation," Evil Desire, and the Question of Moral Neutrality Jim Society, Culture & Politics Sexual Orientation, Revoice, LGBT Christians, Phil Johnson
05/31/18 Filings item- How to Cast Vision for a Church Building Jim Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Church Buildings, Church Planting
05/31/18 Filings item- Triple Jeopardy in College Sexual Assault Case Ends an N.F.L. Career Jim Society, Culture & Politics Keith Mumphery, Crime
05/31/18 Filings item- Clergy abuse victims settle with Twin Cities Archdiocese for $210M Jim Society, Culture & Politics Roman Catholic, Clergy Sexual Abuse
06/01/18 Filings item- State Department report on religious freedom slams Saudi Arabia, China for human rights abuses Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Religious Trends
06/01/18 Filings item- American Bible Society Requires Employees to Follow Its Evangelical Shift Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies American Bible Society
06/01/18 Filings item- Bibleworks to cease operations Jim Books, Reading & Writing Bible Software
06/01/18 Filings item- Appeals Court Upholds ‘In God We Trust’ On Us Currency Jim Society, Culture & Politics In God We Trust, Currency, Coinage
06/02/18 Filings item- Clergy try mind-altering drugs for scientific research TylerR Society, Culture & Politics madness
06/02/18 Filings item- Louisiana governor signs measure to ban abortion after 15 weeks Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Louisiana, Bioethics