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04/06/18 Filings item- The Top Four Religions of the World Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends
04/07/18 Filings item- RC group issues declaration in response to "Amoris Laetitia" Jim Other Issues & Controversies Amoris laetitia, Roman Catholicism, Divorce, Pope Francis
04/07/18 Filings item- Dr. Dale Johnson chosen as the next Executive Director of Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Biblical Counseling
04/08/18 Filings item- The Mr. Rogers-ification of Christianity Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends, American Culture
04/08/18 Filings item- A reckless moment, a horrific loss and a father's quest for atonement Jim Society, Culture & Politics Crime, Alcohol
04/08/18 Filings item- Are Christians Hypocrites? 10 Surprising Realities About Christians and President Trump Jim Society, Culture & Politics Evangelical Support of Trump, Donald Trump
04/09/18 Filings item- LifeWay Research: Most pastors say their churches never discipline members for misconduct Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Church Discipline
04/09/18 Filings item- A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter Ten – The Unraveling Begins Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism A Godless Fundamentalist, John Ellis
04/10/18 Filings item- New discovery sheds light on dark matter Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Creation, Science, Cosmology
04/10/18 Filings item- Controversy erupts over Bible in Okinawa naval hospital display Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics U.S. Military, Religious Liberty
04/11/18 Filings item- The disturbing rise of genderless babies Aaron Blumer Home & Family Transgenderism, Sexual Ethics, Family, Theybies
04/11/18 Filings item- Montana Church Pledges to Leave SBC Over ERLC's Promotion of Social Justice at MLK Conference Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Social Justice, SBC
04/11/18 Filings item- Bill Hybels Resigns from Willow Creek Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Bill Hybels
04/12/18 Filings item- Are the poor getting richer faster than the rich are getting richer? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Poverty, Economics, Capitalism
04/12/18 Filings item- Catholic Church Attendance Continues to Drop Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Roman Catholicism, Church Attendance, Religious Trends
04/12/18 Filings item- A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter Eleven – The Pigsty Part 1 Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism A Godless Fundamentalist, John Ellis
04/13/18 Filings item- Christian Groups Are Troubled by Teen Suicide TV Show ’13 Reasons Why’ Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Television, Teen Suicide, Suicide
04/13/18 Filings item- Poll finds 87% of millennials believe marijuana is safer than alcohol Jim Society, Culture & Politics Millennials, Marijuana, Marijuana versus Alcohol
04/13/18 Filings item- Former FBI chief and President Trump trade barbs Jim Society, Culture & Politics James Comey, Donald Trump
04/13/18 Filings item- PROGRESS: This Straight White Male Hates Himself Jim Society, Culture & Politics Babylon Bee
04/13/18 Filings item- Study: 4 in 10 millennials don't know 6 million Jews were killed in Holocaust Jim Society, Culture & Politics Holocaust, Millennials
04/13/18 Filings item- Alcohol use carries a risk of early death Jim Society, Culture & Politics Moderate Drinking, Alcohol
04/13/18 Filings item- Why Didn’t Christ Stay with His Disciples Continuously from the Resurrection to His Ascension? Jim Bible Passages Ascension
04/13/18 Filings item- Review: "Walking Through Twilight" Jim Books, Reading & Writing Books, Douglas Groothuis
04/13/18 Filings item- What Haunts Me About the Humboldt Bus Disaster Jim Other Issues & Controversies Humboldt Bus Disaster, Accidents
04/14/18 Filings item- Chick-fil-A's "pervasive Christian traditionalism" "infiltrates" NYC Jim Society, Culture & Politics Chick-fil-A
04/14/18 Filings item- Why a Cop left The Village Church Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism The Village Church, Matt Chandler, Police Shootings
04/14/18 Filings item- It's Time to End the Stupid about the End Times: Debunking Christian Numerology Jim Society, Culture & Politics Christian Numerology, Rapture forecasting
04/14/18 Filings item- Christianity In A Polarized America Jim Society, Culture & Politics American Culture
04/15/18 Filings item- GARBC National Representative Candidate Named Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership GARBC, Baptist Associations, Leadership