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05/11/18 Filings item- Did Drinking Give Me Breast Cancer? Jim Society, Culture & Politics Alcohol, Alcohol Cancer Link, Cancer
05/11/18 Filings item- President Trump featured on Israeli coin Jim Society, Culture & Politics Jerusalem, Donald Trump
05/11/18 Filings item- Iran cleric threatens destruction of Israeli cities Jim Society, Culture & Politics Iran, Israel
05/11/18 Filings item- John Hagee Releases First Children’s Book: ‘Goodnight Blood Moon’ Jim Society, Culture & Politics John Hagee, Blood Moons, Babylon Bee, Satire
05/11/18 Filings item- When Tim Tebow Comes to Town Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Tim Tebow
05/12/18 Filings item- Speech, Art, and the Masterpiece Cakeshop Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Freedom of Speech, Supreme Court, Art, Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado
05/12/18 Filings item- It’s the 30th anniversary of the SCOTUS decision that ruled in favor of Larry Flynt and keeps Trump satire legal Jim Society, Culture & Politics Jerry Falwell, Hustler Magazine v. Falwell
05/12/18 Filings item- John MacArthur Performs Miracle At Wedding, Turns Wine Into Water Jim Society, Culture & Politics John MacArthur, Babylon Bee, Wine
05/12/18 Filings item- Israel "is the only nation in the world that has the promise of God's protection" Jim Society, Culture & Politics Robert Jeffress, Jerusalem, Israel
05/13/18 Filings item- Should Elders Insist on Unanimity? Jim Preaching & Leadership Elders, Unanimity
05/14/18 Filings item- Romney excoriates Jeffress over 'Mormonism is a heresy from the pit of hell' statement Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Robert Jeffress, Mitt Romney, Mormonism
05/14/18 Filings item- A Genealogy of Grace (Mothers of the King) Jim Theology & Methodology Genealogy of Jesus, Matthew 1
05/14/18 Filings item- Man Frequently Compared To Hitler Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital Jim Society, Culture & Politics Jerusalem, Babylon Bee, Donald Trump
05/15/18 Filings item- “We need to be a people with the audacity to believe in prayer.” Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Heritage Foundation, Kay Coles
05/15/18 Filings item- "Its promise of a kind of immortality is an ersatz version of Christian hope for a resurrection in a glorified body." Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Transhumanism, Technology, Immortality
05/15/18 Filings item- More seminary students leave the Master of Divinity behind Jim Education Master of Divinity, Seminary
05/15/18 Filings item- The Babylon Bee Church Name Generator Jim Other Issues & Controversies Babylon Bee
05/15/18 Filings item- Team Pyro graphic answers Andy Stanley Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Andy Stanley
05/15/18 Filings item- Half of evangelicals support Israel because they believe it is important for fulfilling end-times prophecy Jim Society, Culture & Politics Evangelical support of Israel, Friends of Israel, Israel
05/16/18 Filings item- The Push Is on For Elderly Assisted Suicide Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, Sanctity of Life
05/16/18 Filings item- Thus Sayeth the Pastor: the Nature and Limits of Pastoral Authority Jim Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Authority
05/17/18 Filings item- California judge overturns physician aid-in-dying law Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Euthanasia, Bioethics, California
05/17/18 Filings item- Coffee, tweets or Jesus: Bible ranks low as daily must Aaron Blumer Christian Living Bible Reading
05/17/18 Filings item- Museum of the Bible visitors top half a million in first six months Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Museum of the Bible
05/18/18 Filings item- Conference Video: G.K. Chesterton, WWI, and the Idea of a Just War Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Just War, Pacifism, G. K. Chesterton
05/18/18 Filings item- “[N]early half of American households have someone who has sought out mental health care” Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Counseling, Mental Illness, American Culture
05/18/18 Filings item- Who Is the Most Influential American Theologian? TylerR Church & Ministry in General Roger Olson, John Piper
05/18/18 Filings item- A word about criticism from anonymous sources Jim Theology & Methodology Criticism, Anonymity
05/19/18 Filings item- The Benefits and Negatives of a Long-Term Pastorate Jim Preaching & Leadership Long-Term Pastorate, Pastoral Ministry
05/19/18 Filings item- 'End times fatigue': evangelicals find biblical case for Israel less compelling Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Israel