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02/23/18 Article- Notes from the December 1887 Sword and Trowel SharperIron Church & Biblical History C. H. Spurgeon, Down Grade Controversy, Sword and Trowel
02/23/18 Filings item- By the Numbers: The Gutenberg Bible Aaron Blumer Church & Biblical History Gutenberg Bible, Church History
02/23/18 Filings item- International Church of Cannabis faces off with City of Denver Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Marijuana, Weird, Religious Liberty
02/23/18 Filings item- ACCC's Statement on the Death of Billy Graham TylerR Church & Biblical History Billy Graham, ACCC
02/23/18 Filings item- Southern Baptists poised to sever remaining ties with D.C. Baptist Convention Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Southern Baptist Convention
02/24/18 Filings item- Will There Ever Be Another Billy Graham? Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Billy Graham
02/25/18 Bio- James N. Anderson Bio James Anderson
02/26/18 Article- A Report Card on Baptist Fundamentalism in 2018 TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism
02/26/18 Filings item- Brown Street Baptist Church Installs Greg Linscott As Pastor Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Greg Linscott
02/26/18 Filings item- After Mass Shooting, Florida Votes to Put “in God We Trust” Signs in Schools Aaron Blumer Education School Shootings, Florida, Public Schools
02/26/18 Filings item- Jerusalem Christians Unite ... to Close Church of the Holy Sepulchre Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Jerusalem, Israel, Religious Liberty
02/26/18 Filings item- A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter Two – My Childhood ‘Conversions’ Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism A Godless Fundamentalist, John Ellis
02/26/18 Filings item- George Will: Billy Graham was no prophet; His dealings with presidents mixed vanity and naivete Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Billy Graham, George Will
02/26/18 Filings item- Picture: R.V. Clearwaters and Billy Graham Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Billy Graham, R.V. Clearwaters
02/26/18 Filings item- Lecture - Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Rosaria Butterfield, LGBT
02/27/18 Article- How Biblical is Molinism? (Part 1) James Anderson Theology & Methodology Theology Proper, Free Will, Sovereignty of God, Augustinianism, Series - Molinism, Molinism
02/27/18 Filings item- Scientology Is Adding Mega-Churches Two at a Time Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Scientology, Cults & Heresies
02/27/18 Article- Review: Toxic Charity Ed Vasicek Books, Reading & Writing Book Review, Books, Charity, Poverty, Economics
02/28/18 Filings item- 5 Ways Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle Cultivated Meaningful Membership Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Church Membership
02/28/18 Filings item- Holy Sepulchre Will Reopen After Jerusalem Suspends Church Tax Grab Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Jerusalem, Church Taxes
02/28/18 Filings item- 'Living Biblically' recap: New sitcom walks a fine line with viewers Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Television
02/28/18 Forum topic- "Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible". Ron Bean English Bible Text Debate
03/01/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Billy Graham on Ecumenical Evangelism TylerR Church & Biblical History Series - Theology Thursday, Billy Graham
03/01/18 Filings item- Anti-Semitism Has Risen to Historic Levels in America Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Antisemitism, Alt-Right
03/01/18 Filings item- Shootings spark gun control discussion among Baptists Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Gun Control, Gun Rights, Mass Shootings
03/01/18 Filings item- Youth-Driven Culture TylerR Christian Living Christian culture
03/01/18 Filings item- Get a Basic Overview of the Bible TylerR Education Bible Reading
03/01/18 Filings item- The Dangers for ‘Harry’ Becoming ‘Sally’ Jim Society, Culture & Politics Transgender Politics
03/01/18 Bio- Ken Rathbun 2018 Bio kenrathbun
03/02/18 Article- Colossians 2:11-12 and the Circumcision-Infant Baptism Analogy, Part 1 kenrathbun Theology & Methodology Infant Baptism, Baptism, Child Baptisms, NT Use of OT