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11/02/19 Forum topic- Let us pray biblically for persecuted believers! RajeshG Christian Living
11/07/19 Forum topic- John Crist cancels remaining 2019 tour dates due to sexual misconduct allegations Jim Work, Business, Science, Tech
11/07/19 Forum topic- "A rabbi's warning to U.S. Christians" RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
11/13/19 Forum topic- Prayer needed for Mark Farnham Craig Toliver Church & Ministry in General
11/22/19 Forum topic- Always Becoming Indigenous Forrest McPhail Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
11/23/19 Forum topic- They’re Saved. They’re Baptized. Now What? Forrest McPhail Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
11/29/19 Forum topic- Toward a More Accurate Theology of Evangelism RajeshG Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
12/11/19 Forum topic- Vatican Uses Donations for the Poor to Plug Its Budget Deficit Jim Society, Culture & Politics
12/23/19 Forum topic- Exposé about Mormon church $100 billion tax-exempt investment fund Jim Society, Culture & Politics
12/27/19 Forum topic- Ezekiel 40-48: National Israel, the Church, or something else? RajeshG Theology & Methodology
01/06/20 Forum topic- An article worth reading about the importance of sexual morality RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
01/17/20 Forum topic- How are you going to keep yourself unspotted from the world? RajeshG Christian Living
01/28/20 Forum topic- Restored Church of God Book Ad on SI?? Mark_Smith The SI Experience
02/11/20 Forum topic- "Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump" RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
02/25/20 Forum topic- What does Luke 4:5-6 reveal about all the kingdoms of the world? RajeshG Bible Passages
03/08/20 Forum topic- "Why a Series on Psalms?" RajeshG Worship & Music
03/19/20 Forum topic- Imagine a post-COVID world. How will this pandemic change the world in which we live? Jim Church & Ministry in General
04/02/20 Forum topic- Does God accept worship from some unbelievers? RajeshG Worship & Music
04/02/20 Forum topic- Lord's Table and Coronavirus Dan Miller Worship & Music
04/02/20 Forum topic- "As coronavirus spreads, the futility of religion becomes obvious" RajeshG Missions, Evangelism & Outreach
04/02/20 Forum topic- "A call to honesty in pandemic modeling" RajeshG Society, Culture & Politics
04/03/20 Forum topic- Before the Wrath video Dave White Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
04/16/20 Forum topic- Black Swan Leadership: Ten Recommendations for Leading a Non-Profit during a Pandemic Jim Preaching & Leadership
04/16/20 Forum topic- Chuck Hervas on Constitutional law and the COVID pandemic Jim Church & Ministry in General
04/21/20 Forum topic- Perspective for COVID panick JD Miller Practical Points
04/21/20 Forum topic- Civil Disobedience and the Christian SuzanneT Society, Culture & Politics
04/30/20 Forum topic- Agenda: Grinding America Down SuzanneT Society, Culture & Politics
05/11/20 Forum topic- Food offered to idols - what does the Old Testament say? Dan Miller Church & Biblical History
05/22/20 Forum topic- What Does 1 Samuel 16:14-23 teach about music? RajeshG Worship & Music
05/22/20 Forum topic- Is it wrong to be skeptical of "science." JD Miller Other Issues & Controversies