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12/18/12 Forum topic- How Bob Jones University and Sovereign Grace Ministries are alike Dan McGhee Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
05/19/13 Forum topic- The GARBC Replaces Dr. Matt Olson With Dr. Dave Doran For Upcoming Conference Dan McGhee Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
09/25/11 Forum topic- Illegal sexual abuse policy at Bob Jones University Dan Frank Other Issues & Controversies
11/01/11 Forum topic- Chuck Phelps back on Board at BJU Dan Frank Other Issues & Controversies
12/05/14 Forum topic- Why Churches are Leaving Money on the Table - The Health Care Tax Credit Dan C Church & Ministry in General
10/05/11 Bio- Dan Burrell Bio Dan Burrell
10/13/08 Filings item- SoulFource Members Arrested Trying to Enter Chapel Service Dan Burrell Filings
09/20/08 Filings item- "Gospel Today" Pulled From LifeWay Stores Shelves Dan Burrell Filings
09/15/08 Filings item- Islamic Courts Now Have Legal Power in Britain Dan Burrell Filings
09/13/08 Filings item- Ray Boltz Announces He is Homosexual Dan Burrell Filings
09/08/08 Filings item- Barna Study: How Americans View Evangelical Voters Dan Burrell Filings
08/25/08 Filings item- Study Reveals Major Moral Shift in Below-25 Group Dan Burrell Filings
06/24/08 Filings item- Americans Embrace Universalism Dan Burrell Filings
05/30/08 Filings item- Marine Pulled from Duty for Passing out "Scripture Coins" Dan Burrell Filings
05/27/08 Filings item- Jamey Ragle Leaves Evangelism Ministry Dan Burrell Filings
05/26/08 Filings item- Boston College to Study Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Dan Burrell Filings
05/25/08 Filings item- Huffman Named New Pillsbury Prez Dan Burrell Filings
05/24/08 Filings item- Willow Creek Targets Mature Believers in "Huge Shift" Dan Burrell Filings
05/22/08 Filings item- McCain Rejects Endorsements by Hagee and Parsley Dan Burrell Filings
05/22/08 Filings item- SC Principal to Resign Over Gay Club Formation Dan Burrell Filings
05/19/08 Filings item- Franklin Graham Draws Fire for Comments on "Illegal Evangelizing" Dan Burrell Filings
05/13/08 Filings item- John Hagee Apologizes for Comments on Catholics Dan Burrell Filings
05/13/08 Filings item- USA Today Interviews Brian McClaren on the Impact of the Emergent Church Dan Burrell Filings
05/09/08 Filings item- Pastors Urged to Preach Politics to Test Regulations Dan Burrell Filings
05/09/08 Filings item- Christian Home-Schooling Family Expecting 18th Child Dan Burrell Filings
05/04/08 Filings item- "Evangelical Manifesto" Criticizes Political Activism Dan Burrell Filings
05/04/08 Filings item- Missionaries Struggle with Falling Dollar Dan Burrell Filings
04/02/08 Filings item- Student Sues Over Censorship of Religious Art Project Dan Burrell Filings
03/31/08 Filings item- Max Helton, Founder of MRO, Dies Dan Burrell Filings
03/01/08 Filings item- McCain Refuses to Reject Hagee Endorsement Dan Burrell Filings