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10/04/17 Article- Six Principles for Organizational Leadership Christopher Cone Preaching & Leadership Leadership, Philosophy of Leadership
10/04/17 Filings item- What Happened between First and Second Corinthians? TylerR Bible Passages corinthians
10/04/17 Filings item- The Life of John Walter Stevens TylerR Christian Living Biography, Christian Life
10/04/17 Filings item- "You're into guns - Right?!" Jim Society, Culture & Politics Gun Control
10/04/17 Filings item- Peter Gentry on the Biblical Languages TylerR Education Biblical Languages
10/04/17 Filings item- Why We Should Question God In Response To Evil And Tragedy Jim Society, Culture & Politics Las Vegas Mass Shooting
10/05/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Read Luther's 95 Theses! TylerR Church & Biblical History Series - Theology Thursday, Reformation, Luther
10/05/17 Filings item- More than 1 in 5 Countries Have an Official Religion Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Trends
10/05/17 Filings item- House Passes #TheyFeelPain 20-Week Abortion Ban Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion Restrictions, Abortion, U. S. Congress
10/05/17 Filings item- Eerdmans Reformation 500 Kindle Sale TylerR Books, Reading & Writing Reformation
10/06/17 Article- A Prayer for the Survivors of the Las Vegas Shooting Ed Vasicek Prayer Requests Las Vegas Mass Shooting, Prayer
10/06/17 Filings item- The Heart of Modesty TylerR Christian Living Modesty, dress
10/08/17 Event- Refresh Conference 2018 SharperIron
10/08/17 Bio- David Wenkel bio dwenkel
10/09/17 Article- Against Cardboard Shepherds TylerR Theology & Methodology Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark, Christology
10/09/17 Filings item- Village Church to End Multisite Megachurch Model, All Campus Will Be Autonomous Aaron Blumer Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Multi-Site Churches, Megachurches
10/09/17 Filings item- Thousands of Evangelical pilgrims mark Feast of Tabernacles in Ein Gedi Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Israel, Jewish Feasts
10/09/17 Filings item- American professor wins Nobel Prize in economics for trying to understand bad human behavior Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Human Nature, Nobel Prize
10/09/17 Poll- Are you planning to boycott or reduce viewing/attending Pro-football games? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
10/10/17 Article- A Theological Case for Inerrancy (Part 1) Paul Henebury Theology & Methodology Inerrancy, Bibliology
10/10/17 Filings item- Federal memo on religious freedom draws praise Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, DOJ, Jeff Sessions
10/10/17 Filings item- Unmarried Christians need the church, and the church needs unmarried Christians Aaron Blumer Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Singles
10/11/17 Article- Using the London Baptist Confession of 1646 in the Local Church dwenkel Church & Ministry in General Creeds and Confessions, London Baptist Confession, Church History
10/11/17 Filings item- Satanist Wins Case Saying Abortion Law Violates Her Religious Beliefs Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Satanists, Religious Liberty
10/12/17 Article- Theology Thursday - Luther Meets Cardinal Cajetan TylerR Church & Biblical History Series - Theology Thursday, Reformation, Martin Luther
10/12/17 Filings item- Boy Scouts Now Allowing Girls To Join Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Boy Scouts, American Culture
10/12/17 Filings item- How Did Christianity Come to Rome? TylerR Church & Biblical History Missions, Apostle Paul
10/12/17 Filings item- Docetism 101 TylerR Church & Biblical History docetism
10/13/17 Article- Honor True Widows: 1 Timothy 5:3–16 with Implications for the Church’s Social Responsibilities, Part 5 Ben Edwards Church & Ministry in General Series - Widows, Church & Ministry, 1 Timothy 5:3-16
10/13/17 Filings item- The Old Perspective on the Works of the Law TylerR Theology & Methodology New Perspective on Paul