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04/10/12 Bio- dtjohnso Bio dtjohnso
04/11/12 Article- Book Review - The Advent of Evangelicalism dtjohnso Front page article archive Books & Publishing, Evangelicalism, Church History
01/22/14 Article- Book Review - Baptist Ways: A History dtjohnso Books, Reading & Writing Books & Publishing, Baptist History
11/15/12 Forum topic- Election Voter Fraud? DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
12/26/12 Forum topic- Problems With Preterist, Historicist and Covenant Theology DrJamesAch Theology & Methodology
01/25/13 Forum topic- Petition for Pepsi to Drop BJU DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
01/26/13 Forum topic- Issues We Have With G.R.A.C.E. Investigating BJU DrJamesAch Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
01/29/13 Forum topic- New FB Page CAFE: For Both Sides To Duke It Out DrJamesAch Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
03/04/13 Forum topic- G.R.A.C.E. Promotes Feminist's Article DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
03/08/13 Forum topic- G.R.A.C.E. March 2013 Update For BJU Investigation DrJamesAch Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
03/13/13 Forum topic- New Antichrist,.I Mean Pope Selected DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
03/24/13 Forum topic- Trisha Lacroix's Psychic Rebirth DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
08/23/13 Forum topic- The Decrees of God DrJamesAch Theology & Methodology
01/06/14 Forum topic- JD Hall Refuses To Repent DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
01/14/15 Forum topic- Why Is G.R.A.C.E. Suggesting Articles On BJU By Pro-Gay Journalists? DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
01/18/15 Forum topic- Questions For Phil Johnson & Beth Malarkey: Is There Story True? DrJamesAch Other Issues & Controversies
09/15/12 Forum topic- Seeking on Separatism, Part One (?) DRAlves Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
07/02/09 Forum topic- Max McLean reading US historic documents Drake TP Society, Culture & Politics
09/20/11 Bio- Myron Houghton Bio dr.m.houghton
01/15/20 Bio- Myron Houghton bio 2020 dr.m.houghton
05/08/09 Article- An Evaluation of the Open View of God dr.m.houghton Christian Living, Calvinism
04/30/09 Article- The Destiny of Those Who Die in Infancy dr.m.houghton Death, Soteriology, Infant Salvation
04/20/09 Article- A Critique of "Easy Believism" dr.m.houghton Christian Living
04/09/09 Article- Progressive Dispensationalism: A Traditional Dispensational Critique dr.m.houghton Christian Living, Dispensationalism
01/21/10 Article- 1 John 3:9 – Those "Born of God" Do Not Sin? dr.m.houghton Front page article archive Hamartiology, Sanctification, Exposition, Sin
03/02/11 Article- An Evaluation of the "Open View" of God: A Response to Gregory A. Boyd's "God of the Possible" - Part 1 dr.m.houghton Front page article archive Open Theism, Predestination, Theology
03/04/11 Article- An Evaluation of the "Open View" of God: A Response to Gregory A. Boyd's "God of the Possible" - Part 2 dr.m.houghton Front page article archive Open Theism, Theology
09/21/11 Article- Distinguishing Law, Gospel and Grace dr.m.houghton Front page article archive Dispensationalism, Reformed Theology, Law and Grace
09/19/12 Article- The Importance of Justification dr.m.houghton Theology & Methodology Soteriology, Justification, Roman Catholicism, Imputation
02/15/17 Article- From the Archives: 1 John 3:9 – Those “Born of God” Do Not Sin? dr.m.houghton Christian Living Sanctification, Sin, Hamartiology