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11/18/17 Filings item- Newsmax's 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism 100 Most Influential Evangelicals
11/18/17 Filings item- The official "we are offended by a coffee cup season" has arrived Jim Other Issues & Controversies Starbucks
11/18/17 Filings item- What’s the Problem With Joel Osteen? Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Joel Osteen, The Gospel, Prosperity Gospel
11/20/17 Filings item- More than inspirational Aaron Blumer Christian Living Joni Eareckson Tada
11/20/17 Filings item- ETS meeting focuses on Reformation heritage Aaron Blumer Theology & Methodology ETS, Evangelical Theological Society, Reformation
11/22/17 Filings item- "Roy Moore is not credible." Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Roy Moore, Sexual Ethics
11/22/17 Filings item- Texas defends dismemberment abortion ban Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Texas
11/22/17 Filings item- Doctor Explains Why It’s Not Prudish to Encourage Modesty Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies Modesty, American Culture, Christian Living
11/22/17 Filings item- The Jewish Origins of Thanksgiving Jim Society, Culture & Politics Thanksgiving
11/22/17 Filings item- Crucial Questions: 28 Free eBooks from R.C. Sproul TylerR Christian Living Christian Life, Theology, R.C. Sproul
11/22/17 Filings item- Complicating Manhood and Womanhood TylerR Christian Living Biblical Manhood, Biblical Womanhood
11/23/17 Filings item- A Modest Proposal: Character Counts, Starting in 2018 Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Character, Virtue, Leadership
11/25/17 Filings item- Church of Sweden to stop clergy calling God 'he' or 'the Lord' in bid to crack down on gendered language Jim Other Issues & Controversies Church of Sweden, Gender Inclusive Translation
11/25/17 Filings item- How a Church Ought to do Evangelism Jim Theology & Methodology Evangelism
11/26/17 Filings item- Former fire chief Cochran's rights aired in court Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Kelvin Cochran
11/26/17 Filings item- England's top religious authority says he doesn't understand Christian support for Trump Jim Society, Culture & Politics The Archbishop of Canterbury, Donald Trump
11/26/17 Filings item- Still Off Script—A Thanksgiving Reflection Aaron Blumer Christian Living Thankfulness, Sovereignty of God
11/27/17 Filings item- Today, half of American pastors are older than 55. In 1992, less than a quarter of pastors in the U.S. (24 percent) were that old. Jim Work, Business, Science, Tech Pastorate
11/27/17 Filings item- Scientific Proof Is A Myth Jim Society, Culture & Politics Science
11/27/17 Filings item- Pastor, Aim to Preach Simple Sermons TylerR Preaching & Leadership Preaching
11/29/17 Filings item- “Extreme climate events are becoming neither more intense nor more frequent” Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Climate Change, Global Warming, Science
11/29/17 Filings item- Still in court: Baptist entities & the HHS mandate Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, HHS Mandate, ObamaCare
11/29/17 Filings item- Are American Evangelicals “Reinventing” Christianity? TylerR Society, Culture & Politics Evangelicalism, Roger Olson
11/29/17 Filings item- ‘Sort of’ Reformed: Part 2 TylerR Preaching & Leadership Reformed Theology
11/29/17 Filings item- How to Subscribe to the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith TylerR Church & Ministry in General 1689 London Baptist Confession, Creeds and Confessions
11/29/17 Filings item- When I become pope of the Protestant church Jim Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism News of the Weird
11/29/17 Filings item- The Christian Baker’s Unanswered Legal Argument: Why the Strongest Objections Fail TylerR Society, Culture & Politics LGBT, Religious Liberty, The Arts
11/30/17 Filings item- A Recently Recovered Screwtape Letter TylerR Society, Culture & Politics The Screwtape Letters, Doug Groothuis
12/01/17 Filings item- Christians, Moral Hazards, and Roy Moore Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Compromise, Roy Moore, Evangelicals
12/01/17 Filings item- Is the Believer’s Death Precious to God? TylerR Bible Passages Death