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12/11/15 Poll- Is it wrong to decorate church for Christmas? Dave White Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
12/14/15 Poll- Should our churches educate our people in Church History? Ed Vasicek Church & Biblical History
12/18/15 Poll- Does Your Church Cancel or Add Events/Meetings During Christmas Week? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
12/21/15 Poll- What is usually your main dinner course Christmas Day or Eve? Ed Vasicek Anything Else
12/28/15 Poll- Is it a good idea for Christians to carry concealed (licensed) handguns? Ed Vasicek Christian Living
01/14/16 Poll- Do you believe it is right or wrong for Christians to play the lottery? Ed Vasicek Christian Living
01/28/16 Poll- Was it appropriate for Jerry Falwell, Jr. to endorse Donald Trump for President in the GOP Primary? C. D. Cauthorne Jr. Other Issues & Controversies
02/03/16 Poll- Do you believe Adam's sin is imputed to everyone in the human race who is not yet redeemed? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
02/08/16 Poll- Who Is Your Favorite Dispensational (in the broad sense) Scholar? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
02/15/16 Poll- Much of the Bible addresses the End Times, perhaps 14%. Does the teaching in your church approximate this ratio? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
03/02/16 Poll- Does your church accept the reality of Autism (or Aspergers)? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
03/10/16 Poll- Is "what the Bible says" still the top criteria in Conservative Evangelical/Fundamental Christianity in the West? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
03/16/16 Poll- If Trump is the GOP Nominee - how would you vote? Jim Society, Culture & Politics
03/20/16 Poll- Does Genesis 3:15 refer to the Messiah? Ed Vasicek Bible Passages
04/02/16 Poll- Are you considering voting for a third party candidate? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
04/14/16 Poll- LGBT: How prevalent in your extended family? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
04/25/16 Poll- How would you characterize your church's relationship (by and large) toward "revival?" Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
05/08/16 Poll- Which position BEST describes your view as the means of salvation by grace? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
06/06/16 Poll- Do you think the transgender locker room/bathroom trend will be reversed? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
06/16/16 Poll- If the election were held today, who would you PROBABLY or definitely vote for in the presidential election? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
07/02/16 Poll- Do you believe the titles/headings of the Psalms are inspired Scripture? Ed Vasicek Bible Passages
07/07/16 Poll- 20 Years from now: Do You Believe Seminaries and Bible Colleges (in USA) will continue to train our leaders? Ed Vasicek Education
07/18/16 Poll- Do you usually take a vacation away from home? Ed Vasicek Home & Family
08/04/16 Poll- Averaging everything out, do you think your church uses the right balance between video and live teaching? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
08/15/16 Poll- Do you typically read fiction books? Ed Vasicek Anything Else
09/01/16 Poll- Do you plan to have your remains buried or cremated? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
09/15/16 Poll- Do you think Jesus ever had a cold or was ill? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
10/03/16 Poll- Do you struggle with procrastination? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
10/10/16 Poll- Have Donald Trump's Lewd Comments Changed How You Will Vote? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
10/25/16 Poll- What is your opinion of the Masons and its auxiliary groups? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies