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07/12/12 Poll- Does your church ever use "non-live" musical accompaniment for congregational singing? Ed Vasicek Worship & Music
07/17/12 Poll- What does Daniel 11:37 mean when it says, "He will show no regard for ... the desire of women"? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
07/21/12 Poll- Speaking generally, do you believe personality is a factor influencing our belief choices within evangelicalism/fundamentalism? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
08/02/12 Poll- How does your faith affect your viewpoint about SIMPLE guns (rifles, six shooters, etc.) ? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
08/08/12 Poll- Which best describes your view of the Imprecatory Psalms, as, for example, Psalm 69? If more than 1 choice applies, choose best. Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
08/19/12 Poll- Besides the ultimate descendent of David, Jesus, which godly (or sometimes godly) king do you respect most? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
08/28/12 Poll- Does the Bible CLEARLY Teach That Our MAIN Purpose is to Glorify God? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
09/05/12 Poll- How do the teachings of the Bible relate to political philosophy? Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics
09/11/12 Poll- Which Best Represents Your View of Giving and the Committed Christian? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
09/17/12 Poll- Is it possible to be saved and have little or no interest in the Word? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
09/24/12 Poll- Does your church ever use drama or reader's theater in your main service? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
10/05/12 Poll- Would you recommend internet dating sites for single Christians? Comments about good or bad experiences welcome. Ed Vasicek Christian Living
10/11/12 Poll- How do you understand the account of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31? Its relationship to Hades? Ed Vasicek Bible Passages
10/11/12 Poll- What stance do you take on Trick or Treat? Ed Vasicek Christian Living
10/20/12 Poll- The New Birth Vs. Doctrinal Commitment: Should Evangelicals/Fundamentalists Require A Testimony, Doctrinal Agreement, or Both? Ed Vasicek Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
10/29/12 Poll- Have you ever spoken in tongues? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
11/06/12 Poll- How do you refer to the lead shepherd in your church (or how do you want to be referred to, if this is you)? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
11/12/12 Poll- Should it matter to Christians if public leaders have had an affair? Choose the best answer, even if it is incomplete, please. Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
11/21/12 Poll- What is Your Favorite Traditional/Common Christian Christmas Carol? Consider sharing what you like about your choice. Ed Vasicek Worship & Music
11/27/12 Poll- How do you guess fundamentalists and evangelicals will respond to Christians living together apart from marriage --in 10 years? Ed Vasicek Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
11/30/12 Poll- Have you, do you, or would you advise your daughter to pursue career training? How does "keepers at home" apply? Ed Vasicek Home & Family
12/04/12 Poll- Do you believe atmospheric and geologic anomalies, phenomenon, etc., are increasing? Ed Vasicek Other Issues & Controversies
12/06/12 Poll- Are adults raised in CONSISTENT Christian homes & home schooled more likely to walk with the Lord & stay true to the faith? Ed Vasicek Education
12/10/12 Poll- Does your church decorate for Christmas (either inside or outside) with a creche? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
12/17/12 Poll- Do you think legalizing marijuana is the best way to handle the problem? Ed Vasicek Society, Culture & Politics
12/24/12 Poll- In 20 years, what will be the main "outside the community" ministry funded by Bible-believing churches? Ed Vasicek Church & Ministry in General
01/02/13 Poll- Have you ever seen an apostate come back around? Ed Vasicek Theology & Methodology
01/10/13 Poll- Do you believe willpower (as tradtionally understood) is an important part of living the Christian life? Ed Vasicek Practical Points
01/16/13 Poll- In Acts 14:22, Paul says that "through many tribulations we must enter the kingdom..." What does this verse (and others) mean? Ed Vasicek Bible Passages
01/23/13 Poll- In your experience, are conservative Christians more likely to be judgmental (in the bad sense ) than the population at large? Ed Vasicek Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism