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07/14/06 Article- A Sovereign Mandate SharperIron FBFI, Theology
07/14/06 Article- Concerning Praying in Jesus' Name: FBFI Resolution 06-05 SharperIron FBFI, Theology
07/13/06 Article- Global Warming SharperIron FBFI, Global Warming
07/13/06 Article- Concerning Global Warming and the Environment: FBFI Resolution 06-04 SharperIron FBFI, Global Warming
07/12/06 Article- The Integrated Church Movement: Viable Church Polity or False Teaching? SharperIron FBFI, Family Integrated Church, Theology
07/12/06 Article- Concerning the Integrated Church Movement: FBFI Resolution 06-03 SharperIron FBFI, Family Integrated Church, Theology
07/11/06 Article- The New Perspective on Paul: "What Saint Paul Really Said"? SharperIron FBFI, N. T. Wright, Theology
07/11/06 Article- Concerning the New Perspective on Paul: FBFI Resolution 06-02 SharperIron FBFI, New Perspective on Paul, N. T. Wright, Theology
07/10/06 Article- Concerning the Internet and Blogs: FBFI Resolution 06-01 SharperIron FBFI, Blogging, Internet
07/10/06 Article- Blogging or Flogging? Making a Place for Grace in Online Communication Greg Linscott FBFI, Blogging, Internet
07/08/06 Article- Tolerance in Voluntary Societies Kevin T. Bauder Culture, Ethics, In The Nick of Time
07/10/06 Article- IBC Completes First Dorm Michael Collins Fundamentalism, Education
07/06/06 Article- World Cup Update: The Wrapup Jeff Brown FIFA World Cup, Missions
07/07/06 Article- Does Ecclesiastes Teach Epicureanism? M. Osborne Theology
07/06/06 Article- What Does Worldly Look Like? Aaron Blumer Christian Living Christian Living, Theology, Worldliness
07/01/06 Article- World Cup Update: Great Opportunities Jeff Brown FIFA World Cup, Missions
07/01/06 Article- Separation from Professing Brethren- Notes toward an Understanding Kevin T. Bauder Separation, Fundamentalism
07/05/06 Article- John Goetsch, James Stalker, and Homiletical Heart Issues Todd Wood Christian Living, Preaching, Theology
06/29/06 Article- GARBC Messengers Separate from Cedarville; Adopt Separation Statement SharperIron GARBC, Separation, Fundamentalism
06/28/06 Article- Sins That Check Addy Forrest Christian Living
07/04/06 Article- A Short History of American Exceptionalism in Letters and Speeches Mike Sproul Politics, U.S. History
07/03/06 Article- Separation of the Individual Christian and the Local Church SharperIron Separation, Fundamentalism
06/27/06 Article- Reaching Out to Homosexuals SharperIron Homosexuality, Counseling, Missions
06/29/06 Article- Biblical Baptist---Faith and Practice SharperIron Separation, Fundamentalism
06/23/06 Article- Tolerance in Involuntary Societies Kevin T. Bauder Culture, Ethics, In The Nick of Time
06/23/06 Article- Announcing the Latest Blogroll Additions Greg Linscott SharperIron
06/26/06 Article- A Critique of Dr. Thomas M. Strouse's "The Geocentric Cosmology of Genesis 1:1-19" Bob McCabe Geocentricity, Fundamentalism, Theology
06/23/06 Article- Making Disciples (Part 2 of 2) Robert Delnay Christian Living
06/22/06 Article- FBF 86th Annual Fellowship Reflections (Part 5 of 5) Todd Wood Fundamentalism
06/21/06 Article- FBF 86th Annual Fellowship Reflections (Part 4 of 5) Todd Wood Fundamentalism