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12/10/11 Forum topic- "social" justice Brenda T Other Issues & Controversies
12/10/11 Forum topic- Women Preachers jwolf6589 Preaching & Leadership
12/15/11 Forum topic- Cards for Soldiers! mya1 Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
12/16/11 Forum topic- An Apology to the Parents of Special Needs Children from Your Child's Former Teacher Susan R Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups
12/16/11 Forum topic- Easter 2012 and a request Anthony Hayden Worship & Music
12/17/11 Forum topic- L.S. Chafer on Fundamentalism James K Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
12/19/11 Forum topic- Common-law marriage and remarriage Vickie Home & Family
12/20/11 Forum topic- John E. Ashbrook is now With God SamH Preaching & Leadership
12/20/11 Forum topic- Does a healthy man's consistent use of welfare dollars violate I Timothy 5:8 or fulfill it? Goodellsboy Other Issues & Controversies
12/21/11 Forum topic- Bah Humbug!: A Biblical Response to Contemporary Evangelical Versions of Ebenezer Scrooge Joel Tetreau Preaching & Leadership
12/28/11 Forum topic- Is Competition "Christian"? NoahB Theology & Methodology
01/04/12 Forum topic- Dean Burgon Society email from D. A. Waite Aaron Blumer English Bible Text Debate
01/05/12 Forum topic- Sovereignty of God DanW Theology & Methodology
01/11/12 Forum topic- Tim Tebow: Passing Out Truth FredK Other Issues & Controversies
01/16/12 Forum topic- Santorum Seeks Momentum After Evangelical Leaders’ Endorsement Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics
01/16/12 Forum topic- Rick Perry... pretty confused about the relationship between religion and government Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics
01/17/12 Forum topic- Is a 0% Tax "more Biblical?" Joel Tetreau Society, Culture & Politics
01/18/12 Forum topic- If you were allowed only one book (apart from the Bible)for the rest of your life what would it be? Jandre Books, Reading & Writing
01/20/12 Forum topic- Apple iBooks Textbooks- a chicken/egg dilemma Susan R Anything Else
01/20/12 Forum topic- Origins of Evil and Will of Man Jay Theology & Methodology
01/20/12 Forum topic- The problem with demonic faith Matt Walker Theology & Methodology
01/26/12 Forum topic- The Relative Proximity of Heaven and Earth Peter Van Kleeck Jr. Theology & Methodology
01/30/12 Forum topic- Reduce Weekly Church Services? FredK Front page article archive
01/31/12 Forum topic- Illegal Immigrant-Criminals: a Biblical Response FredK Front page article archive
02/03/12 Forum topic- Penal Substitutionary Atonement in the Church Fathers Charlie Church & Biblical History
02/04/12 Forum topic- What is an Evangelical? Brenda T Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism
02/04/12 Forum topic- Doctrine of Repentance jwolf6589 Theology & Methodology
02/05/12 Forum topic- Institutes of the Christian Religion Jandre Books, Reading & Writing
02/06/12 Forum topic- Pastors, et. al. : Have you ever accepted a ministry position without a definite, clear sense of God's leading? handerson Preaching & Leadership
02/07/12 Forum topic- PCC Announces Horton Retirement; Troy Shoemaker Named New President Greg Linscott Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups