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01/17/19 Filings item- Online Vs. in-Person Education: Theological Training Is Supposed to Be Hard Aaron Blumer Education Online Education, Online Seminary, Higher Education
01/18/19 Filings item- Why the Gillette Ad Has Been Misjudged and Deserves a Second Look Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Masculinity, Corporate Activism, Gender Roles
01/18/19 Filings item- Sunday Is a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” – Ugh! Aaron Blumer Theology & Methodology Eschatology, Blood Moons, Premillennialism
01/18/19 Filings item- Cultural Accommodation, the Growing Danger for Christian Education Aaron Blumer Education Christian Education, Higher Education, Social Trends
01/18/19 Filings item- Ben Sasse reintroduces Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act ahead of March for Life Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Ben Sasse, Pro-Life, Bioethics, Abortion
01/19/19 Filings item- Boring Preaching Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Preaching
01/19/19 Filings item- Roe v. Wade has spread scientific illiteracy about when life begins Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, Roe v. Wade
01/20/19 Filings item- "While there are certainly individual Christians who are bigots, the theology itself is founded in and based on love" Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Sexual Ethics, Bigotry, Hate
01/21/19 Filings item- Pastafarians and Satanists Will Deliver Invocations Before Assembly Meetings in Alaska Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Church & State
01/21/19 Filings item- Wheaton College, Controversial Speakers, and Some Factivism Aaron Blumer Education Wheaton College, Black Lives Matter
01/21/19 Filings item- Love God Supremely; Love Others Deeply (What I’ve Learned in 15 Years of Pastoring Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Loving God, Christian Love
01/21/19 Filings item- Baptist dishwasher's $21.5M victory honors Sabbath Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Religious Liberty, Sabbath, Freedom of Conscience
01/22/19 Filings item- Court affirms media was wrong: Those videos of Planned Parenthood dealing in baby parts were not deceptively edited Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Planned Parenthood, Court Rulings
01/22/19 Filings item- How Do Churches End Up with Domineering Bullies for Pastors? Aaron Blumer Preaching & Leadership Pastors, Authoritarian Pastors
01/22/19 Filings item- What Humans Have That Machines Don’t Aaron Blumer Books, Reading & Writing Human Nature, Image of God, Books
01/22/19 Filings item- Anti-Christian Ideology Is an Emerging Aspect of White Progressive Populism Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Populism, American Culture, Religious Trends
01/23/19 Filings item- Let's Make Wisdom Great Again Aaron Blumer Christian Living Wisdom, Social Media, Technology
01/23/19 Filings item- A Plea to the Trustees of Southwestern Aaron Blumer Education Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Paige Patterson, Christian Colleges & Seminaries
01/23/19 Filings item- Trusting God in New Job Assignments Aaron Blumer Work, Business, Science, Tech Theology of Work, Career, Sovereignty of God
01/23/19 Filings item- Ex-gay counselor files lawsuit against Maryland's gay conversion therapy ban for minors Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Conversion Therapy, Religious Liberty, Counseling
01/23/19 Filings item- No One Expects the Secular Inquisition Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Anti-Christian Bigotry, Religious Liberty, American Culture
01/24/19 Filings item- How to keep college students in church amid high dropout rates? Lifeway director responds Aaron Blumer Church & Ministry in General Church Dropouts, Youth Ministry, Leaving Church
01/24/19 Filings item- "Culture has always warred against God-designed masculinity and femininity." Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Masculinity, Gender Roles, Femininity
01/24/19 Filings item- "Churches have not been immune either and people began to demand fun from their worship services." Aaron Blumer Worship & Music Worship, Worship Music
01/25/19 Filings item- Media Reports “Around 1,000” People Attend DC March for Life Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics March for Life, Media
01/25/19 Filings item- Brazil Investigates If US Missionary Encroached on Isolated Amazon Tribe Aaron Blumer Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions, John Allen Chau, Tribal Outreach, Steve Campbell
01/25/19 Filings item- God's Not Dead, I Can Only Imagine Crews Team Up for Movie about Former Planned Parenthood Employee Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Planned Parenthood, Christian Movies
01/25/19 Filings item- With new ‘affirmation’ policy, American Bible Society loses LGBT staffers Aaron Blumer Other Issues & Controversies American Bible Society, Sexual Ethics
01/25/19 Filings item- Conservative Protestant fertility has declined dramatically, study finds Aaron Blumer Home & Family Fertility, Birth Rates, Family Life
01/25/19 Filings item- New York and the culture of death Aaron Blumer Society, Culture & Politics Abortion, New York State, Bioethics