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01/12/18 Article- Theology Thursday ... On Friday: The Maccabean Revolt TylerR Church & Biblical History Maccabee, apocrypha
01/15/18 Article- Axioms for Bible Interpretation TylerR Theology & Methodology Bible Interpretation, Hermeneutics, Bibliology
01/18/18 Article- Theology Thursday - A "Progressive Christian" Response to the Nashville Statement TylerR Theology & Methodology Nashville Statement, LGBT, Evangelical Left, Sexual Ethics
01/25/18 Article- Theology Thursday – Anselm on the Atonement TylerR Theology & Methodology Series - Theology Thursday, Atonement, satisfaction theory, Anselm
01/29/18 Article- The People of the God of Abraham TylerR Bible Passages Kingdom of God, Psalm 47
02/01/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Zane Hodges on Lordship Salvation TylerR Theology & Methodology Lordship Salvation, Zane Hodges, John MacArthur
02/08/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God TylerR Theology & Methodology Evangelism, J.I. Packer
02/15/18 Article- Theology Thursday - The Problem of Evil from 2 Esdras TylerR Church & Biblical History 2 esdras, apocrypha
02/22/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Landmark Baptists TylerR Church & Biblical History James R. Graves, landmark baptists
02/26/18 Article- A Report Card on Baptist Fundamentalism in 2018 TylerR Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Fundamentalism
03/01/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Billy Graham on Ecumenical Evangelism TylerR Church & Biblical History Series - Theology Thursday, Billy Graham
03/08/18 Article- Authorized: An Interview with Mark Ward TylerR English Bible Text Debate Mark Ward, Authorized, KJV, Bible Versions
03/12/18 Article- A Letter from Legion TylerR Christian Living The Screwtape Letters
03/15/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Scofield's Dispensations TylerR Theology & Methodology C.I. Scofield, Classic Dispensationalism
03/22/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Spurgeon on Anecdotes in Preaching TylerR Preaching & Leadership Preaching, C. H. Spurgeon
03/26/18 Article- Jesus and the Woman from Tyre (Mk 7:24-30) TylerR Bible Passages Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark
03/29/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Where Do Baptists Come From? TylerR Church & Biblical History Baptist History, landmark baptists
04/06/18 Article- Theology Thursday ... on Friday: Why Baptists are Wrong TylerR Theology & Methodology Baptism, Presbyterians, Baptist History
04/09/18 Article- Book Review – William Tyndale: A Biography TylerR Books, Reading & Writing William Tyndale, Book Review, Church History
04/12/18 Article- Theology Thursday – Infants Must be Baptized! TylerR Theology & Methodology Baptism, Infant Baptism
04/19/18 Article- Theology Thursday – To Diognetus on Christian Citizenship TylerR Christian Living diognetus, Church History
04/26/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Baptism as the "Channel of Sanctification" TylerR Theology & Methodology Baptism, Tertullian
05/03/18 Article- Theology Thursday - A 3rd Century Baptismal Liturgy TylerR Church & Biblical History Baptism, hippolytus
05/07/18 Article- The Isaiah Connection (Mark 7:31-37) TylerR Bible Passages Series - Trinity Gospel of Mark
05/17/18 Article- Theology Thursday - J.C. Ryle on Preaching TylerR Preaching & Leadership J.C. Ryle, Preaching
05/21/18 Article- Book Review: "Historical Theology In-Depth" by David Beale TylerR Books, Reading & Writing David Beale, Historical Theology, Books
05/24/18 Article- Theology Thursday - J.C. Ryle On Preaching (Part 2) TylerR Preaching & Leadership J.C. Ryle, Preaching
06/01/18 Article- Theology Thursday ... on Friday: J.C. Ryle on Preaching (Part 3) TylerR Preaching & Leadership J.C. Ryle, Preaching
06/04/18 Article- God's Purpose for Marriage TylerR Christian Living Marriage
06/07/18 Article- Theology Thursday - Council of Trent on Baptism TylerR Theology & Methodology Council of Trent, Baptism