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02/27/13 Filings item- March Madness: Make your picks in the Vatican’s Sweet Sistine brackets! sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Roman Catholicism, Papal Conclave
02/28/13 Filings item- "Today, (February 28, 2013) is a significant day for Roman Catholics worldwide as the current Pope steps aside ... " sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Roman Catholicism, Papal Conclave
03/01/13 Filings item- Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: The Pope sifilings Theology & Methodology John MacArthur, Pope
03/01/13 Filings item- Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: The Mass sifilings Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism, John MacArthur, Catholic Mass
03/01/13 Filings item- WSJ: Why Public Schools Should Teach the Bible sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Public Schools
03/02/13 Filings item- Sex and Power: What’s Up With Sovereign Grace Ministries? sifilings Church & Ministry in General Sovereign Grace Ministries, SGM
03/02/13 Filings item- The Bible on the History Channel premieres on Sunday March 3rd sifilings Society, Culture & Politics The Bible on the History Channel
03/03/13 Filings item- Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: Mary Worship sifilings Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism, John MacArthur, Mariology
03/04/13 Filings item- What Betting Markets Are Saying About the Next Pope sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Roman Catholicism, Papal Conclave
03/04/13 Filings item- Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Itself sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Westboro Baptist Church, Humor
03/06/13 Filings item- Police arrest missionary for Valentine's Day slaying of wife sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Crime
03/06/13 Filings item- ICR's Duane T. Gish passes sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Obituary, Duane T. Gish
03/07/13 Filings item- The salary package shouldn’t be the first thing you talk about. But don’t wait too long. sifilings Preaching & Leadership Pastoral Compensation
03/08/13 Filings item- Why the English Standard Version (ESV) Should not become the Standard English Version sifilings Theology & Methodology ESV
03/09/13 Filings item- NYTimes: Focus on the Family Works to Change Its Message sifilings Church & Ministry in General Focus on the Family
03/10/13 Filings item- C.J. Mahaney to resign as president of Sovereign Grace Ministries (SGM) sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism C.J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries, SGM
03/10/13 Filings item- Does Calvinism Teach Puppet Theology? sifilings Theology & Methodology Calvinism, Kevin DeYoung
03/11/13 Filings item- Westminster Seminary Sues Federal Government over HHS Regulations: sifilings Society, Culture & Politics ObamaCare, Westminster Seminary
03/11/13 Filings item- WSJ: Meeting Is Set to Choose Pope - Conclave Starts Tuesday sifilings Church & Ministry in General Roman Catholicism, Papal Conclave
03/11/13 Filings item- National Geographic: Map: The Roman Catholic Diaspora sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Roman Catholicism
03/12/13 Filings item- Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day sifilings Church & Ministry in General Saint Patrick
03/12/13 Filings item- ‘Killing Jews Is Worship’ Ad Campaign Rolled Out On SF Muni Buses sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Antisemitism, Islam
03/12/13 Filings item- Rick Warren: "Join me today in fasting and prayer for the 115 Cardinals..." sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Roman Catholicism, Papal Conclave, Rick Warren
03/12/13 Filings item- The Future Of Independent Baptist Missions: 10 Predictions sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Missions
03/12/13 Filings item- John Hagee's Cornerstone Church set to unveil $5 million Noah's Ark for kids sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism San Antonio Cornerstone Church, John Hagee
03/13/13 Filings item- The 8 Worst-Dressed At The Papal Conclave sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Papal Conclave, Humor
03/13/13 Filings item- Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio From Argentina New Pope sifilings Church & Biblical History Pope, Papal Conclave
03/13/13 Filings item- Russell Anderson, Hyles-Anderson co-founder, sues for $ 50K after Old Paths Baptist College fails to open sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Russell Anderson
03/14/13 Filings item- Love Letters from Schaap: "That is exactly what Christ desires for us. He wants to marry us + become eternal lovers!” sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Jack Schaap
03/14/13 Filings item- Luis Palau on Pope Francis: "he has great respect for Bible-believing Christians ... he basically sides with them" sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Pope Francis, Luis Palau