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01/29/13 Filings item- Christian school sues ex-teachers who refused to give proof of faith sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Legal Issues, Christian Day School
01/31/13 Filings item- Applebee's Waitress Fired For Sharing 'I Give God 10%' Tip Receipt sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Tithing, Tipping
01/31/13 Filings item- Westboro Baptist Church Files Proposition 8 Amicus Brief sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Westboro Baptist Church, SCOTUS, Same-sex Marriage
02/01/13 Filings item- Lance Ketchum on "Authentic Fundamentalism," Hyper-Fundamentalism, Hyper-Calvinism, and "Young Fundamentalists" sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Lance Ketchum, Separation
02/03/13 Filings item- Nestle-Aland 28 Review sifilings Books, Reading & Writing Greek
02/05/13 Filings item- Dr John W. Rawlings, former pastor of Cincinnati's Landmark Baptist Temple, promoted to glory at age of 99 sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Obituary, John W. Rawlings
02/06/13 Filings item- University of Michigan apparently reinstates Intervarsity sifilings Education InterVarsity
02/06/13 Filings item- Westboro Baptist founder's granddaughter: "There was a point when we started praying for people to die" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Westboro Baptist Church
02/07/13 Filings item- President Obama: "As Christians, we place our faith in the nail-scarred hands of Jesus Christ" sifilings Society, Culture & Politics President Obama
02/07/13 Filings item- Save the wireless microphone! sifilings Worship & Music Cordless Microphone
02/08/13 Filings item- Saylorville Church responds: "Could it be that Dr. Bauder has touched a nerve of fear? ... a fear of 1,000 'what ifs'?" sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Saylorville Church
02/08/13 Filings item- ABWE dumps G.R.A.C.E.: ABWE board members and executives discovered that G.R.A.C.E.’s investigative process was “fatally flawed” sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism ABWE, G.R.A.C.E.
02/09/13 Filings item- Megan and Grace Phelps-Roper defect sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Westboro Baptist Church
02/11/13 Filings item- Pope Benedict XVI to resign sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Roman Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVI
02/11/13 Filings item- GRACE to ABWE: "We suspect that, for many of these individuals, your decision will inflict a pain as great as any they have ever known." sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism ABWE, G.R.A.C.E.
02/11/13 Filings item- Phil Hunt: Do Not Touch the Lord’s Anointed and Other Twisted Applications of Scripture sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Missions
02/15/13 Filings item- Missionary Denise Leuthold slain in Peoria sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Crime
02/16/13 Filings item- Sunday School: "just a relic ... that only those who had been immersed in church-culture were still attending out of habit" sifilings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Sunday School
02/16/13 Filings item- Meteor explodes over Russia; about 1,100 injured sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Meteor
02/16/13 Filings item- The Beards of Ministry - A field guide for pastoral facial hair sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Beards, Humor
02/17/13 Filings item- The media has little understanding of the word evangelical in referring to Pope Benedict XVI as the “Evangelical Pope” sifilings Theology & Methodology Roman Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVI
02/17/13 Filings item- The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) is 3.5% sifilings Other Issues & Controversies LGBT
02/18/13 Filings item- "To the statist, the fundamental purpose of employing women in military combat is to destroy the unique virtues that define manhood" sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Feminism, U.S. Military
02/18/13 Filings item- "One reason Baptists have not always been noted in revival history ... is that Baptists typically did not write the history books" sifilings Missions, Evangelism & Outreach Revival, Baptist History
02/18/13 Filings item- Pastoral search committees have clear priorities, but they are very seldom clearly articulated. Four levels at play. sifilings Preaching & Leadership Pulpit Committee, Pastoral Search
02/18/13 Filings item- The Myth of Persecution? sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Church History
02/19/13 Filings item- The Generic Prayer Request Generator sifilings Discipleship, Christian Ed & Groups Prayer, Humor
02/19/13 Filings item- BJU To Host President of Hobby Lobby sifilings Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism Bob Jones University, Hobby Lobby
02/20/13 Filings item- NYTimes on Cedarville: "Are they sectarian or broad-minded? Fundamentalist or open? Republicans, or independent of political parties?" sifilings Other Issues & Controversies Cedarville University
02/27/13 Filings item- Mohler: "If you are not present on the Internet, you simply do not exist, as far as anyone under 30 is concerned" sifilings Society, Culture & Politics Internet, Albert Mohler